Book Review: A Defiant Maiden's Knight by Melissa Oliver.

I've probably said it before, but I'll say it again, I'm always so grateful when emails from my favourite authors arrive in my inbox with a book to review. I'll never take it for granted, especially when it's Melissa Oliver and I love her books so much.

The Blurb.

A knight’s protection…

That she doesn’t want…or need?

Joan Lovent may be losing her sight but she refuses to lose her independence too. So, when Sir Warin of Talmont tells her it’s too perilous to be out alone in the city, she doesn’t pay him any heed. But with threats surrounding them, she begins to value his protection, and helps with his dangerous work in return. If only the powerful connection between them wasn’t so impossible to ignore!

My Review.

Melissa's books are like warm hugs. Her writing wraps me up and makes me feel cosy and at home the instant I press open on my kindle. Her characters are full of charm and admirable qualities and I could read about them all day. 

I immediately fell in love with Joan. She was a determined young woman, who didn't let her disability define her. She also had so much heart and humour about her that she was so very easy to love. Sir Warin of Talmont had equally wonderful qualities; a gentleman who was kind and caring. Even when he didn't want to help Joan and may have felt bound by duty to her brother to protect her, I could tell it wasn't something he took lightly and also wasn't something he was doing because he was being forced too. There was a genuine kindness about him and he was definitely a man who would always do the right thing because of exactly being the right thing.

Joan and Sir Warin's story was endearing and captivating and I enjoyed it from start to finish. I loved their teamwork and how Joan snuck her way into doing a job that both Sir Warin and her brother had no intention of ever even telling her about - she was that smart and stubborn! It made me smile that she taught Sir Warin about other senses being heightened and really paying attention to more than just what you see. I really loved those moments when she caught something he missed because there was so much more to it that met the eye! 

If you're looking for a beautiful romance with a side of mystery and detective work that will keep you entertained, with gorgeous characters then I highly recommend 'A Defiant Maiden's Knight.' *

Happy Reading!

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