Book Review: The Blossom Tree of Dreams by Holly Martin.


Have you seen the cover for this book....have you...look at it!!! I was sold from the cover alone because you bet I would absolutely love to go somewhere as dreamy as that!! Thank you Holly Martin for my copy of 'The Blossom Tree of Dreams.' 

The Blurb.

Welcome to the wonderful Wishing Wood, where incredible treehouses twinkle under a blanket of stars, the sea sparkles through the leaves, and true love is in the air. From the bestselling author of Sunlight over Crystal Sands comes this gorgeously romantic tale.

Indigo Bloom is on her way to beautiful Wishing Wood with some very big news. Two months ago she shared an incredible night with the most amazing man. She didn’t think she’d ever see River Brookfield again, but she never imagined she’d be showing up out of the blue to tell him she’s pregnant with his child.

Indigo’s heart longs for a fairytale ending. There’s just one problem: River doesn’t remember who Indigo is…

Crushed that a night that meant so much to her was so forgettable for him, Indigo resolves to keep her identity and her pregnancy secret until she gets to know the real River. But as they spend more time together, it’s clear that the incredible connection they shared that first night is stronger than ever, and that River might remember more than Indigo first thought.

The closer they get, Indigo’s secret becomes harder to share. Can Indigo find the courage to tell River the truth? And if she does, will she get the fairytale ending she’s been dreaming of?

My Review.

Wishing Wood was everything I wanted and more. I could absolutely 100% relate to Indigo being happy to live there because I certainly could. Treehouses that look like fairy houses surrounded by an abundance of twinkling lights...YES PLEASE!! Give me directions now and I'll pack my bags.

Holly Martin is brilliant at creating idyllic settings with close knit family and friends to love and root for. River and his brothers are the perfect trio to want to get to know and spend time between the pages with. There was quite the family dynamic in this one as River and Heath's stories seemed to be very similar to each others after the upbringing the brothers had had. I'm interested to see what Heath and Bear's stories will be about next, especially since they shared the same friends and are all connected in certain ways. 

I loved Indigo's vibe and look and was sad that she didn't feel as confident as I wanted her to be. I'm glad she found lovely people at Wishing Wood to tell her how awesome she was and looked to give her that confident boost. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming and it definitely gave me lots of feel good vibes, I especially liked Meadow. She was really cool. 

I enjoyed the dialogue between Tierra, River and Indigo, because kids do in fact say the darndest things. They made for very giggly moments and were super sweet. Again the family vibes and love were very apparent in this book. 

If you want to be transported to a magical fairy tale setting in the middle of the woods with kind hearted people and get swept up in a once in a lifetime romance, then pick up a copy of 'The Blossom Tree Of Dreams,' today.

Happy Reading!

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