Book Review: The Highlander's Tactical Marriage by Jenni Fletcher.

Thank you Jenni Fletcher for sending me 'The Highlander's Tactical Marriage.' Read on for more...

 The Blurb.

A strategic marriage…

…with his runaway bride!

Coira Barron is the last woman Fergus MacMillan would choose to marry – he’s never forgiven her for running away with another man on the eve of their wedding six-years ago. Now, an alliance with widowed Coira is crucial, and Fergus is shocked to discover his new wife is nowhere near as disloyal as he believed. Protecting her and his clan are his priority, but can he protect his own heart?

My Review.

I know this isn't the first book in this series, but I will have to go back and read 'The Highlander's Substitute Wife,' by Terri Brisbin, because this one was wonderful. Honestly, sometimes I feel like you have to be in the mood for books, like do you ever feel like some books come into your life and you're just not in the mood to be reading and so it drags or you don't connect and you know it isn't bad, it's just you? And then other books come into your life and you might be on a reading high or maybe a reading slump, but then this book just whisks you away and makes you wonder why you ever felt so negatively about books or thought that you didn't have time to read? Well the latter is how I felt about 'The Highlander's Tactical Marriage.'

I've been reading some great books lately, albeit a bit slower than usual - my dog has been taking up a lot of my attention lately - so when I came to read this book I was worried I wouldn't have time to pick it up or would be slow in getting into it, needless to say I didn't have any of those problems. I should know this by now with Jenni Fletcher and deep down I do, but you know, life happens and sometimes there's lots to do! However, Jenni sucked me in once again and had me making time for my kindle, even if it meant sitting on the floor stroking my dog with one hand and holding my kindle with the other.

I don't really know what to pin point most in this story, I simply loved and thoroughly enjoyed it from start to finish. I found the relationship with Coira and Fergus to be exciting and was eager to see how they got over their pasts, because their chemistry was very apparent, even when Fergus looked so serious! I loved that about him and sometimes I don't like it when leading men are too brooding and severe. There was something about Fergus from the moment I met him though that made me see past all the seriousness and know he was a good man with more to him than meets the eye! I was right and him and Coira quickly became my favourite people. :)

'The Highlander's Tactical Marriage,' was entertaining from beginning to end with characters that made me care very quickly,  moments that had my heart racing and story telling that kept the pages turning well into the night. I can't say how much I enjoyed it enough and I am eager now to read the rest of the series! 

Happy Reading!

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