Book Review: The Perfect Winter Weekend by Jennifer Joyce.

It's been a while since I read a Jennifer Joyce book and I've missed them loads!! I love her writing style so much that I'm pretty certain I'm all up to date with her back catalogue, so I was very excited seeing this one and knew I had to read it!

The Blurb.

From heartwarming Valentine's Day romance, Halloween fun and winter meet-cutes, the bite-sized stories from rom com author Jennifer Joyce will fill you with joy.

The ten short stories include:
The Unvalentine
Thinking About You
Lost & Found
Rock, Paper, Scissors
Stuck With You
The Perfect Winter Weekend
Road Trip
The Snowman
Winter One-derland
Meet Me on the Bridge 

My Review.

I'll keep this short and all of the stories in this wonderful collection! This book is exactly what it says on the tin; it's a perfect read for a winter weekend!! I read it in two days, which very easily could have been one if I hadn't needed to get up and cook and eat etc! :p It's ideal for curling up on the couch with a hot chocolate and your box of quality streets with! I'm still working on my box and no matter that it's new year, I am thoroughly enjoying them! I like having chocolates on the table... I think it should be an all year round tradition...maybe...although it does make Christmas that much more special! 

I enjoyed all of the stories in The Perfect Winter Weekend, but I'll give you one or two favourites just because... Road Trip - yes please! The Snowman - Sebastian seemed super cute! The Perfect Winter Weekend - such a sweet best friend and yay for all the Christmas things! How long now until Christmas?! 

If you're looking for a shorter read to get your reading mojo back, or simply something you can pick up for a few minutes of relaxation or you're in the mood for some uplifting stories to make you smile, then I'd definitely suggest picking up a copy of 'The Perfect Winter Weekend,' Oh and don't forget the chocolates!!!

Happy Reading!

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