Book Review: Little Wing by Freya North.

Freya North is back!!!!!! Oh how excited I am to be able to say that!! Read on for my review of her 15th novel!!

The Blurb.

Little Wing is the powerful story of two families over three generations.

1969. Florence Lawson, a 16-year-old schoolgirl who dreams of being an artist, finds herself pregnant and banished to one of the most remote parts of the UK.

1986. Dougie Munro, searching for adventure, leaves the Isle of Harris – the island of his birth – for art college and a career in London as a photographer.

2005. Nell Hartley, content with her life managing a care-in-the-community cafe in Colchester, discovers a shocking truth about her family.

Between the sprawl of London, suburban Essex, and the wild, unpredictable Outer Hebrides, three lives collide and interweave as questions are asked and secrets surface. What happened to Florence? Why is Dougie now so reluctant to return home? How can Nell make peace with the lies she's been told?

Little Wing is a novel about resilience, forgiveness and the true meaning of family, about finding one's place in the world and discovering how we all belong somewhere and to someone.

My Review.

I've probably shared the story on here before about my love for Freya North, but it's because I can pinpoint exactly when it started and it goes back to a great year in my life. You know like in books when characters can wistfully look off into the distance and share a story about that summer of 89 or that winter of 96? Well in my case it was the summer of 2012 and I picked up one of Freya's books alongside 'Me Before You,' by Jojo Moyes. I read that one and then didn't stop. I didn't stop until I had devoured all 12 of her books that she had out at the time in that one summer!

Since then I've had to buy each of her next books in hardback, due to my complete lack of patience for them in paperback. This includes her latest and highly anticipated 'Little Wing,' which I delighted in skipping into Waterstones this past weekend to purchase. I love going into a book shop to browse, but find it equally as satisfying going in with a purpose, scooping the book I would like right off the shelf, paying for it with all the confidence in the world and hugging it close to my chest on the way out!

As I sit here writing this review after finishing 'Little Wing,' just last night, I must say that I am sad. Sad because I read and read and read and as all true bookworms know, I read it too darn fast. Now I find myself missing the settings and characters and very much considering picking it right back up to read again. 

I have to admit that I love reading happy books, I read a lot of romance and love upbeat, joyful characters. I do occasionally dip into sagas and books with more serious undertones when my mum has a good one for me to read, but I like what I like, you know!? So upon delving into 'Little Wing,' I was nervous that I would find it too heart-breaking, especially as I got to know Nell and her struggles. I didn't want her to be sad. I immediately wanted her to find happiness and smiles and fun. This is where Freya hooked me, because the more I read, the more emotionally connected I became to each character and the more I loved them and wanted to follow them to find their happiness. The heartache only deepened my attachment and connection to the story.

Honest to goodness it was beautiful. I want to delve into each individual character, but I'd be in danger of making this review a novel in itself, but this story is everything. It's incredibly touching, beautifully written, heart wrenching and heart-warming in equal measures. It was one hundred and fifty percent worth the wait and I cannot tell you how happy I am that Freya gifted us all with it. 

Florence's words and journey will have you in tears and will keep you turning the page. Her aura jumps off the pages and I literally feel like I know her, like I could see, hear and feel her every emotion. Her parts were exquisitely written and I adored them. She literally gave me goose bumps.

The cafĂ© where Nell works is another brilliant part of this book. I know of places like it and just loved that it's in a book. There are so many things I want to see normalized in every book we pick up now and I just felt that this was that. It was a truly special part of the story and made the whole book come to life that much more. 

As for the setting, I simply feel I must visit now. It sounded absolutely magical. I felt like I could taste the salty air and feel the grass beneath my feet. I felt like I weathered every storm in the book and escaped to this Island that sounds too good to be real even though it very much is a real place! That's how good Freya's writing is, she can make something real sound too good to be true!! 

I feel like I've not written enough about how much I loved it and why I loved it so much, when I clearly have - this review is getting very long, but I implore you to pick up this book. It's so hard to write about because it's pure emotion and love I felt when reading it, that it's a hug a book kind of review. I need to show you a picture of me hugging the book to show you just how wonderful it is. Please read it!!

Emotional, touching, uplifting, stunning, deep, moving....'Little Wing,' is all this and more, so much more! 

Happy Reading!

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