Book Review: How To Lose An Earl In Ten Weeks by Jenni Fletcher.

I seem to be on a roll with books recently, which is making it super easy to jump out of bed in the morning to write my reviews. It makes me so happy! 

The Blurb.

Miss Essie Craven has been engaged since birth to a man she has only met once. The haughty, black-haired man with the intense blue eyes: Aidan Ravell, Earl of Denholm. The most coveted man in all of the Ton.

The day of their marriage is set. The only problem is, spirited Essie dreams of more than being a Countess. She soon finds out that Aidan has his own reasons for not wishing to marry, but is compelled to proceed due to his sense of honour and the financial baggage his father has left him.

So, Aidan and Essie strike up a deal. Essie will find him a more suitable match, and in the meantime they will keep up appearances as the most fashionable couple in all of the Ton.

But soon what is real and what is fake begins to converge. Suddenly, what seemed to be a simple agreement is no longer quite that straightforward . . .

My Review

I've read quite a lot of YA books in the last two years and really enjoyed them. They are a lot of fun to read and are also inspiration for me writing for younger readers. So, when one of my favourite authors informed me about her new book and that it was her first in the YA world, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I would be picking it up!

I have loved reading this Christmas holiday and am so happy I've had the time to do so. I've needed it since I couldn't put this book down! It needs to be a movie!!!! Please someone sort that out!! As I got further into it and couldn't stop myself smiling I just felt like I could be watching it on the big screen. Obviously books are special and I love reading, but this story, the characters, the dialogue...MOVIE!!!!

Honestly, Jenni had me laughing out loud. Essie was brilliant! I loved her charm and her scheming and I loved how she was nice! Sometimes I find when authors make a character quite bold and independent, they make them quite mean and obnoxious, but Essie was none of those things. She was funny, determined, matter of fact and so completely herself that I couldn't help but love her. 

The way Jenni wrote and set it out is perfect for the audience and I admire her so much. I've read all of her other books for adults, so to step into a different world and get it so spot on is just amazing! I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it!!

As Essie's plan to not get married gets underway, her interactions with Aidan and the way his character shines through are perfect...have I said perfect too many times? Well I'm sorry but I'm keeping it because it's true. I found myself smiling from ear to ear at some of the things he did and said. I don't want to spoil things but he was great alongside Essie. 

I feel like this review is all over the place because I'm just ranting about what I enjoyed as things pop into my head, but honestly this is a MUST READ. If you want something fun, vibrant, swoon worthy, romantic and sarcastic all in one pretty, delightful package, then please pick up 'How To Lose An Earl In Ten Weeks,' today!!! I  loved it!!

Happy Reading!

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