Book Review: Cinderella And The Scarred Viscount by Sarah Mallory.


Authors are wonderful aren't they?? What would the world be like without books? Actually don't answer that because it doesn't bare even thinking about!!! Thank you to Sarah Mallory for sending me a copy of her latest book 'Cinderella and The Scarred Viscount,' thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

The Blurb.

An imperfect proposal…

But a perfect match?

Major James Rossington, Viscount Austerfield, survived Waterloo, but can he survive the Season as London’s most eligible bachelor? Convinced his battle scars make him unlovable, and to escape Society’s matchmakers, Ross proposes a wedding in name only to shy, sensible Carenza Bettridge. Liberated from her cruel stepmother and bullying half-sisters, she blossoms into a confident, altogether desirable woman. He promised Carenza a convenient marriage, but inconveniently finds himself wanting more…

My Review.

Oh how I enjoyed this book!! I know I keep saying it but I am well and truly back in book reading mode and it's all thanks to wonderful authors who make life so much better with their delightful stories. I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for them, especially when they send me copies to review. I never take it for granted! 

I 100% emerged myself into Ross and Carenza's world. I couldn't wait to pick the book up and I once again am suffering from another book hangover...thank you Sarah!!! :p Both characters were easy to love from the moment I met them. Each dealing with their own insecurities, both so kind and caring. Carenza's love for her father meant she simply got on with life despite her horrid stepmother and stepsisters. She brushed off their insults and unkindness to keep her father happy. I loved her nature and the way she came across so genuine. I also loved that it was only a matter of time before her father helped her because he knew what was going on and couldn't bare it himself. 

That's where Viscount Austerfield came in and I thought he was magnificent. He was the perfect match for Carenza even if it took him a while to realise it! Together and over time they built up each other's confidence and their friendship grew stronger and thus their marriage. It was a beautiful story, one I was enthralled by from start to finish! I was even trying to explain things to my husband, which is always a sign of a good book!! 

A strong woman, a dashing gentleman, chemistry, romance, friendship, fashion and LOVE made 'Cinderella and The Scarred Viscount,' a most fantastic read that I hope you will pick up and enjoy!! 

Happy Reading!

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