Book Review: Daughter of the Sea by Elisabeth Hobbes.

Oh my goodness this book!! I've had so much going on in my head over the last few weeks that I felt like I'd lost my reading mojo. I hadn't been picking up a book as often or felt like I just didn't have the time. That all changed when two days before Christmas I started 'Daughter of the Sea,' after Elisabeth so kindly sent it to me a few weeks ago! 

The Blurb.

On a windswept British coastline the tide bestows an unexpected gift…

It was the cry that she first noticed, the plaintive wail that called to her over the crash of winter waves. Wrapped only in a sealskin, the baby girl looks up at Effie and instantly captures her heart.
Effie has always been an outcast in her village, the only granddaughter of a woman people whisper is a witch, so she’s used to a solitary existence. But when Midsummer arrives so too does a man claiming to be the child’s father. Effie is surprised when he asks her to continue looking after his daughter, mysteriously refusing to explain why. When he returns six months hence she pushes him for answers. And Lachlan tells a story she never anticipated … one of selkies, legend, and the power of the sea…

My Review.

I don't know how helpful this review will be or even if I'll be able to write a coherent enough review that covers everything I would like to and/or probably should say. All I know is that: I well and truly got my reading mojo back while reading this book, I suffered from the first book hangover I've had in a long time and I bought the paperback on publication day (23rd Dec) so my mum would have it in time for Christmas day!! If that doesn't tell you how much I love and recommend this book then I don't know what will!

The funny thing about 'Daughter of the Sea,' as well was the fact that I never even read the blurb. I don't know when the last time I read a book without reading the blurb would have been, but usually I have to read it to see if I want to read the book. I mean don't we all? Tell me if you don't! Maybe it was my trust in Elisabeth as I've read an enjoyed quite a lot of her books now or maybe it was me feeling like I just had to get on with my TBR list, so I just started reading, whatever it was I was quite glad of it. It made the initial dive into the pages quite exciting. 

Not reading the blurb meant I had no expectations. I had no idea what was coming, so was pleasantly surprised as the events unfolded. I didn't know it was going to be fantastical but boy did I love that element. I was hooked! For some reason and I can't put my finger on it, I've read about Selkie's or seen them before, I just can't remember where. It was so interesting to me to read more about them and to learn through Lachlan. If I'm being completely honest, I fell for Lachlan the moment Effie opened the door to him. There was just something about his voice and demeanour that I adored instantly and that only burned brighter as I read. 

Everything about the story appealed to me. I couldn't wait to get home to read and wake up to read. I read it in two days, well a day and a half really and it made me so happy to feel like my love for reading came back after a very full on few weeks of work. I loved the characters, the setting, the fact that I was gasping out loud and making comments and noises to which my husband was like "Are you ok?" and I answered, "Ahh this book! That can't happen!!" Don't you just love book conversations when people have no idea what emotional situation you are dealing with and you have to try to explain?

If you're like me and are currently lucky enough to be on the Christmas holidays, or if you have a few days off, or simply need a new book to read, I highly, HIGHLY recommend 'Daughter of the Sea.' It's not to be missed!! Thank you again Elisabeth!!

Happy Reading!

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