Book Review: The Penniless Debutante by Janice Preston.

I was so excited when this book popped into my emails! Thank you so much Janice!! I have loved this series so much! You can find reviews for the first two books here: The Rags-To-Riches Governess and The Cinderella Heiress

The Blurb.

Almost destitute

When she inherits a fortune!

Lady Tregowan's Will story. The will that sees Aurelia Croome become wealthy forbids her from marrying the new Lord Tregowan. That wouldn’t be a concern if the only man to catch Aurelia’s eye during her first Season wasn’t Maximilian Penrose—Lord Tregowan! Why is it that no one else has Max’s honour, wit or tantalising good looks? The spectre of being poor again haunts her…but the thought of sacrificing passion for comfort is just as terrifying!

My Review.

Ooh after reading the first two books in this series, I was so eager to see what Aurelia's story was going to be and when I first read the blurb I was left thinking, 'hmmm, how is she going to get around this one!' It made for a very exciting read! A big will they/won't they or more like a should they/shouldn't they?!

I loved Aurelia from the moment I met her and was so pleased she made it to London safely. She was a determined young woman who had been through a lot, which made her want to be bold and not be taken advantage of. She learnt to speak her mind while also being a kind person, which is always a character trait I love. I dislike when characters mean well, but come across quite rude and obnoxious. 

As well as Max and Aurelia's wonderful story and budding romance, one thing I enjoyed immensely about this series was the newfound sisters relationship. All three came from different backgrounds and while they were slightly weary at first of each other, they became very protective of one another and all got so excited about knowing that they each had a sister. I enjoyed when they all got together and had their sister chats and offered each other advice. Being close to my sisters I felt that Janice did such a good job at creating a warm and loving bond between them. 

Janice Preston is easily one of my favourite authors and I highly recommend any one of her gorgeous books. Whether you go back to her earlier books or start with this series you will be in for a treat! 

Happy Reading!

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