Book Review: 'Odd One Out' By Nic Stone.

I came across the amazing Nic Stone when I watched 'Pride Book Fest' on YouTube and I watched her in an incredible panel called 'Nuance and (bi)identity in publishing.'   She was brilliant and so when I recently visited the wonderful 'Queer Lit' in Manchester and saw 'Odd One Out' I knew I had to pick it up. 


Courtney 'Coop' Cooper:
Dumped. Again. And normally I wouldn't mind. But right now, my best friend and source of solace, Jupiter Sanchez, is ignoring me to text some girl.
Rae Evelyn Chin:
I assumed 'new girl' would be synonymous with 'pariah', but Jupiter and Courtney make me feel like I'm right where I belong. I also want to kiss him. And her. Which is... perplexing.
Jupiter Charity-Sanchez:
The only thing worse than losing the girl you love to a boy is losing her to your boy. That means losing him too. I have to make a move...
One story. Three sides. No easy answers.

My Review

Upon opening the pages of 'Odd One Out' I immediately smiled at Nic's dedication and I felt like I had found a book I was meant to find. It's beautiful, so go and get a copy of this book so you can read it for yourself. This is one of those books that really I just want to do my happy book dance, hug the book, raise it into the air and say 'you must all go and read it now.' I'm trying to figure out the right words to express just how much I loved it. 

I think Nic did the most magnificent job of creating something so raw and real. The emotions that each Courtney, Jupiter and Rae were experiencing poured off the page right into my heart and I absolutely adored them. The questions they had, the feelings they felt, the love, the confusion, the anger, the joy, the clarity, the messiness it was all incredibly comforting and I loved that Nic didn't shy away from any of it. She allowed the characters to question themselves, she allowed them to be vulnerable, she allowed them to get it wrong and she allowed them to get it oh so right. 

I loved that we got to experience being in each characters point of view too. We start with Courtney and let me just say I absolutely loved Courtney's mind. He was so incredibly beautiful. His feelings towards Jupe were utterly swoon worthy and it just made my heart happy how much he cared for her and how he spoke about her. I loved his friends Britain and Golly and how they tried to give him advice and look out for him but how they also knew him so so well. The moments they all shared together were incredibly sweet and it made me smile that we got to see boys opening up and talking to each other. Courtney's friendship with Jupiter was just goals, they had so much chemistry and this gorgeous spark that is guaranteed to make you grin. They were so in tune with each other and so themselves around each other that was lovely to read. Their journey is quite the rollercoaster and had me not wanting to put the book down because I knew very early on who I wanted each character to be with. Even though Jupe's motives might have been a little mean at one point with Courtney (I know that sounds very vague, but you are just going to have to get a copy of the book so you know what I'm talking about) I could also understand her feelings of him being hers and I'm so glad they got to experience a certain moment together. The hopeless romantic in me that adored Coup and Jupe together couldn't help but squeal. 

It was really wonderful to get Rae's point of view too and be with her as she tried to navigate her feelings towards both Courtney and Jupiter, though I very much was on the edge of my seat feeling protective towards Jupiter. At the same time, I love Nic for writing Rae and allowing her to feel all the messy feelings and ask all the maybe sometimes inappropriate questions or questions that people might make you feel like you shouldn't ask. I liked that it wasn't just black and white and that we got to swim in the grey area's as Rae tried to figure out what she wanted. I also loved learning more about Rae's family and the reason behind why her parents split up. Rae was harbouring a lot of feelings towards her Mum and sister and it was lovely to see her find closure in that. 

Ok, so Jupiter was just really, really cool. I loved her a lot and my heart tugged so hard when she got herself into certain situations. I wanted to be there for her and to hug her and talk to her and to help her figure out all the things that were racing through her head. I adored how independent and strong she was but I also adored when we got to see her more vulnerable side and when she started opening up and realising her feelings for Coup. She experiences a whole lot of fears that come from what society expects of us and because of the label that she originally found comfort in. It's incredibly emotional to see her battle between her feelings and what she thinks she should be doing and who she should and shouldn't be falling for. I loved this exploration of how labels can change and how our sexuality doesn't have to be set in stone. I think the idea that it's falling for another human being no matter how they identify or how you identify is so beautiful and that we need to give people the grace to do this without judgement coming from any community. It also made me smile how Jupiter talked to her posters and how much she admired Freddie Mercury. 

Outside of our wonderful main cast of Courtney, Jupiter and Rae, there was so many wonderful character's from Courtney's Mum, Jupiter's Dads, Rae's Dad and sister, Courtney's best friends Britain and Golly, who made me laugh, and Breanna, who...seriously...swoon. 

'Odd One Out' is a stunning, gorgeous and important read for anyone who might feel a little lost and alone in trying to navigate their heart. It was like a hug in a book and I love Nic so so much for writing it. I highly recommend you give it a read! 

Happy Reading!

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