Book Review: Mistletoe at Moonstone Lake by Holly Martin.

Another delightfully festive read from Holly Martin. I'm getting more and more excited about Christmas with these darker mornings and nights and this book was the perfect read to get my stomach fluttering and my head buzzing with festive ideas even more! 

The Blurb.

Escape to the breathtaking Cornish Coast this winter, where the ocean sparkles in the moonlight and romance crackles like an open fire. This gorgeous new love story by million selling author Holly Martin is the perfect treat to warm your heart this Christmas.

Artist Zoey Flynn hadn’t planned to spend her favourite holiday on the shores of Jewel Island, but when her fiancĂ© breaks off their engagement before their Christmas Eve wedding, this Cornish paradise is just the distraction she needs.

With a cosy cottage to call home for a month and a stall at the island’s famous Christmas market to sell her paintings, Zoey quickly puts her heartbreak behind her. Love is the last thing on her mind. That is until the handsome Kit Lewis crosses her path…

Their connection is instant, but Zoey has a secret. And the deeper she and Kit fall for one another, the harder it is to hide. Kit knows Zoey is holding something back and if she won’t tell him the truth she could lose him forever.

Is keeping a promise from the past worth sacrificing a future with the man she loves? Or might Kit be the one person she can trust?

My Review.

I must apologise for being so late with this review as I read this delightful book a few weeks ago. It was when the season just started changing and, even though I was enjoying the sunshine, reading this well and truly got me in the Christmas spirit and I cannot not wait to put up our Christmas tree. I know without a shadow of a doubt that when I pick up a Holly Martin Christmas story it is going to make me feel excited and giddy and 100% festive. She has a wonderful way of creating these cosy, romantic, utterly idyllic Christmas settings and I simply adore being snuggled up to read them. 

Zoey and Kit were a super cute couple. I enjoyed their budding friendship and the quirky way they met. I loved how Kit was goofy, but that only made Zoey like him more. I like main characters that aren't always typical romantic stereotypes! I like my nerds!!! :) Their story was a fun one to read and it also kept me on my toes as secrets started to unravel and as I joined the dots on what was happening! 

If you're looking for a festive, romance that will keep you warm on a chilly evening then you can't go wrong with one of Holly Martin's Christmas reads!! I recommend Mistletoe at Moonstone Lake! 

Happy Reading!

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