'Love Lessons in Starcross Valley' Cover Reveal!!

Happy Sunday everyone. I hope you're all having a wonderful day so far! I am beyond thrilled and overjoyed that today I get to share with you the cover for my sixth book 'Love Lessons in Starcross Valley.' I'm honestly squealing right now and grinning so big! I can't stop looking at it!! 

This book has my whole entire heart. I absolutely can't wait for you to meet Marnie and experience her story!! 

Here is the blurb for you to get stuck in to:

With the recent breakdown of both her ten-year relationship and her parents' marriage, thirty-five-year-old Marnie Barnes no longer believes in love. To give her life the shake-up it so clearly needs, she books a ticket to Canada.

Thousands of miles away from her home and her twin sister, she struggles to have the life-changing experience she dreamt of – until she meets Nova, a dinosaur-loving space nerd with a penchant for living in the moment. After a wonderful day together in Vancouver, they part ways. Though gutted, Marnie thinks it's proof that she's not meant to find love and tries to move on with her life.

But a few months later, back in England, she bumps into someone achingly familiar. As Marnie navigates her new feelings, takes chances and makes the first move for the first time in her life, can she regain her faith in love – and find it for herself?

Ok, let's get back to that cover!! Look at the blue and the purple and all those sparkles!!! Are you ready?.......

Eeeeek!!! What do you guys think? I'm one thousand percent obsessed with the beauty that is this cover! The wonderful cover designer Jessie Price did such an incredible job! This story is set around Autumn time and Halloween, hence the gorgeousness that is Autumn vibes on the cover, so prepare for lots of cosy and Fall festivities within the pages too. 

'Love Lessons in Starcross Valley' is going to be available in Ebook from February 3rd with the Paperback due out in May! I cannot wait to add this paperback to my bookshelf! I know I might be a bit biased as it's my book but seriously this cover!!! 

There are a few places where you can pre-order 'Love Lessons,' one of which is a total pinch me moment for me and an absolute dream come true. That place being...

Queer Lit!! I adore this shop and highly recommend you check it out. They have an amazing online store and recently opened their very own shop in Manchester which is the cosiest and best place ever. My book is available to pre-order on their website!!!! Like I said...pinch me!!! Eeek! 

'Love Lessons' is also available to pre-order in Ebook and Paperback over on Amazon.

And in paperback you can also pre-order from:

You can also check it out over on:


I hope you all love the cover as much as I do! I truly can't wait to share Marnie with you. Like I have said with all of my books, it's an incredibly special story to me and I really hope it can connect with you and that you enjoy it! :)

All my love! 

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