The Blitz Bus by Glen Blackwell.

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This is the second book of Glen's that I have read and I really enjoy the way he writes stories for children on such interesting topics with some brilliant messages.

The Blurb.

Emmie let out a huge sob - "It's not a film set", she cried. She held onto Jack for a moment, then took a step back, closed her eyes and shouted - "WHERE AM I?"

When Jack and Emmie suddenly find themselves transported back to London in 1940, they find a world both familiar, yet very different. As they dodge falling bombs and over-zealous policemen, they befriend Jan - a lonely Polish refugee. Together, they must work out if the shadowy figure they keep seeing is a spy and unlock the secret of getting home again...

This educational story helps to weave current views and historical events together in an exciting adventure which would appeal to both boys and girls.

My Review.

I'm a huge history fan, so this book sounded right up my alley. I loved going back in time with Jack and Emmie. It was fascinating. Glen really made me feel like I was in the thick of everything that was happening. It was scary to a certain degree with the air raids, bombs, trying to find a place to sleep etc, but I think the way Glen wrote it made it seem more like diving deep into a history lesson, more than terrifying children of what life was like in the past.

Both Jack and Emmie often discuss throughout the story that 'Oh I remember this from class,' or 'I remember our teacher saying this.' which made it a lot less darker than perhaps it could have been. Instead I feel that Glen cleverly tied in messages, without being too preachy, about just how lucky we are nowadays, when back then there was a lot of sad, scary things happening day to day and life was a lot different being a kid then. It was an eye opener for sure.

I enjoyed the friendship theme throughout the book. Jack and Emmie were best friends and looked out and cared for each other, then later on as they meet new friends they are always thinking about each other and taking care of one another, which was lovely. 

If your children love learning about the past and/or reading books with a unique storyline, then I highly recommend 'The Blitz Bus.'

Happy Reading!

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