Book Review: Ways To Be Me by Rebecca Westcott and Libby Scott.

Sometimes I feel like I'm good at keeping up with book news, other times not so much, i.e. when I completely missed that there was going to be a third book from Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott until the day it came out! That was a good day though because I was so incredibly excited and didn't have to wait for it!! :p

 The Blurb.

Taking place before Can You See Me? and Do You Know Me? this standout prequel follows Tally through her autism diagnosis in her final year of primary school.

Ten-year-old Tally had high hopes for Year 6.

Being in the top class at school means a whole host of privileges, but even better than that is the school production - and Tally is convinced she'll win the lead role.

But at home, things aren't going so well. Mum and Dad have been making Tally feel pressured and upset, and Tally wishes things didn't bother her so much - but they do, and sometimes she feels so misunderstood and frustrated, she could explode.

Then Tally's mum and dad tell her about something she's never heard about before. Something called autism. And everything changes.

My Review.

In actual fact I had to wait a little, but for the best most sweetest reason. A girl in my class at work was reading 'Can You See Me,' and when I noticed, I started rambling about how good it is and told her that I've read the first two and just found out there is a third and I couldn't wait to read it. The next week she comes in asking me if I got the message from Miss Knott (Lucy) to which I wanted to just squish her so big, because the message was 'tell Mrs Sharpe not to buy 'Ways To Be Me,' because I want to get it for her as an end of year present.' Honest to goodness my heart melted!!!! I love listening to the kids read and connecting with them through books and this meant so much that she'd remembered my words. This book is extra special to me now because of that. I opened it in class and did in fact give her a big squishy hug!! :)

Ok, so the book!!! I adore this series and to be totally honest don't really know what to say or how to describe reading this, I only really want to urge you all to pick them all up. I'm so happy that they are on the shelves, not only for Autistic children to be able to see themselves, but also for everyone to just read and gain a better understanding of Autism. I do feel that understanding leads to more acceptance and I 100% believe that this is needed so, SO much in the world and especially in schools. 

As a teacher who works closely with Autistic children and children with a P.D.A profile it's actually nice for me to be able to pick up a book and see words that I have been reading about for the last year. It makes me feel like I can connect to the story more. 

Tally has such a wonderful voice and I adore being in her world. This book is incredibly powerful for her finding her feet and where she belongs. It's a powerful message about seeing kids (and adults) and really seeing them, not just an 'Autistic' label. The way Rebecca and Libby wrote the story around that is so special and had me just smiling and holding the book to my heart. 

I've said it in my reviews for 'Can You See Me,' and 'Do You Know Me,' but teachers, children, parents, humans of all ages should read these books and gain some knowledge of what it's like in Tally's world in order to be able to listen, see and accept more. It's so important. I can't recommend 'Ways To Be Me' enough, as well as the first two books. 

Happy Reading!

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