Book Review: The Little Barn of Dreams by Lucy Knott.


I don't even know where to begin! I've actually just finished reading Luc's 6th book before it gets sent to her publisher for the first time, so I'm currently in a hazy bubble of Lucy's book world and I don't want it to pop! Luc just keeps getting better and better. Her ideas are so unique and so much fun and her writing gets more descriptive and more humorous with each book she writes! I can't divulge anything about book number 6, so I will happily dive into book number 5 for the last day on 'The Little Barn Of Dreams' blog tour!

The Blurb.

When quirky bookworm Florence Danver loses her job, she knows it's time to make some serious changes. Nanna Margot encourages Flo to spend a week at Camp Calla Lily, where she hasn't been since she lost her parents. Her return is filled with bittersweet memories... until she meets Jo Hadlee.

Soon enough, Flo and fellow dreamer Jo are inseparable as they connect over books and build castles in the air. But when Jo leaves suddenly for his job in London, the fantasy bubble bursts and real-life comes roaring back in.

For Florence to turn her fairy-tale summer into a happily-ever-after, she'll have to dive head-first into real life and all its chaos.

My Review.

I've said it in videos and on social media, but 'The Little Barn of Dreams' is the one book I've read the most of Lucy's and no matter how many times I read it and then how much it changed, I loved it every time. I loved her idea from the get go and I adored how she executed it. She seriously blows my mind with every book she writes and honestly I'm not saying that because I'm biased, she really, really does! 

Her books are a breath of fresh air to me. I know when I pick them up I'm going to get something that feels real, with characters that have depth and emotion and stories that offer a unique take and vibe. She certainly did that with 'The Little Barn of Dreams' and I love her for it. I especially love this story, because she wrote it around the time the new 'Little Women' came out. We were both obsessed with the movie and then read the book and it just filled our hearts with joy. Luc then sat down to pen her 5th novel with her head swimming with Louisa May Allcot's words and the beautiful story of the March sisters. To me, the tone and voice of 'The Little Barn of Dreams' is so in tune with the aforementioned classic novel that it made my heart so full. I am simply awestruck in how Luc can get an idea in her head and then sit down and make the words appear the way she (and I) had envisioned them.  

Key point: Florence is a book lover to her very core. Daydreaming about her favourite novels suits her better than having to attempt to fit into the real world. She feels safe within her book worlds and who can really blame her? She's been hurt by life a few times, so is much more content with her characters than with real people. This doesn't change!!! and this is why I love my sister! Florence doesn't meet Jo and find someone who suddenly snaps her out of her daydreams and makes her see that the real world isn't all bad, sure he helps her see that she can be loved and doesn't need to be scared and face life alone, BUT he accepts her for who she is and enjoys what makes her her! So many times we act like the people who are a little quirky and unique need to realise that they should snap out of it and conform to societies standards, when in actual fact, more of society should be accepting of people's quirks and uniqueness and adapt to them.

I'll end up ranting in a minute so I'll quickly talk about my other favourite things, but seriously I do love that Jo just gets and accepts Florence. It's a beautiful thing to watch unfold. The dialogue they share often had me grinning from ear to ear and giggling to myself and I just felt so happy and cosy around them. I have a certain actor in mind for Jo, but I don't want to spoil it, I just really want to see this become a movie so he can actually play him. Let me know if you have any ideas, because I just swooned every time the two of them were together, picturing it play out in my head! 

The setting was magical from every angle. I loved the whole vibe of Camp Calla Lily (Calla Lily...if you know, you know!) and I very much wish I could just grab a backpack full of my favourite books and curl up in a chair outside my pastel pink hut! They sounded so utterly perfect! Not to mention the barn, the lake and the campfires. Yes to all the smores under the stars please!! It was all utterly idyllic!

Another delight in 'The Little Barn Of Dreams' were the friends Florence made at a certain café, that I may or may not have had a hand in helping Luc come up with names for. This was so much fun and again I just adore Luc's imagination when it comes to things like this. Caffeine Heights would definitely be on my must visit list. It's the perfect place for bookworms to read, write, chat and have a coffee or tea! 

In conclusion and if you can't already tell, I LOVED 'The Little Barn of Dreams' and hope you will to. It's whimsical, dreamy, romantic, bookish and wonderfully endearing! An absolute must for those of us that find solace between the pages of our favourite books!

Happy Reading!

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