Publication Day fun and cake!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! 

This year I'd said that we didn't need to do a cake for publication day. It was a work day and we had skating in the evening and I was feeling a little relaxed, albeit nervous, about the whole day. I have been so touched and grateful every year that Kelly and my family have surprised me with a book cake but I didn't want them to go through all the trouble this year with so much going on. But guys, my twin sister is one of a kind...

... I have to admit that I use the word 'surprise' loosely as Kelly and I are terrible at keeping things a secret from each other. Plus, with her getting too excited across social media about what this books cake was going to be, the fact that I was having a cake wasn't a huge secret, but the design was and she kept smiling at me in a 'I know something you don't' kind of way and squealing! I love my sister very much!!!

Kelly is always shouting from the rooftops about my books. She is my number one cheerleader and my absolute rock. She's with me through all the amazing dream big moments when I adore writing, can't stop talking about plots and characters and reminds me to enjoy every milestone and focus on all the positives about getting to say I'm a published Author. I never ever want to take that for granted. But then she's also there when my insecurities get the best of me, when I feel hopeless about a story not working and when I can be close to tears when doubt seeps in and negative reviews get too much. When I want to take a break from social media, she's there to swoop in and tweet about my books, make funny videos and just all round support me and I am ridiculously grateful for her every day. 

When I had been quite chill about book five's publication day she decided that that was not allowed and that celebrating it in our usual fashion was a must. Did I mention how much I love her? Kelly designed this cake to show all the magic inside my new story, with all the things that make it what it is. How beautiful is it?! I am extremely lucky, I know that much. It makes me smile so big and I'm very thankful to Kelly and my family for their never failing enthusiasm and support when it comes to my books, whether it's the first or fifth, their encouragement and belief in me means the absolute world. 

But again, I couldn't do any of this without Kelly. She's amazing in every way and I am so proud her. Also, she has been working so hard over the last few years working on picture books, middle grade books and chapter books and I'm putting all the positive, good energy into the universe that one day soon I will be 'surprising' her with a cake for her publication day. Her stories are awesome, magical and one thousand percent her and I have LOVED every single thing she has written, so watch this space! 

Thank you all for making publication day for 'The Little Barn of Dreams' so special too. I am forever blown away by your love and support. My favourite thing in the world is when my characters connect with you and I get to introduce you to their worlds. Thank you to everyone who has been reviewing on Netgalley and to everyone who has started to post reviews on Amazon, you are amazing and I am thankful to you for taking the time to do so, as it helps my books to get seen more. Thank you for picking up a copy and for giving my book a chance, I really hope you are enjoying/enjoyed it. 

Before I go, I just wanted to say that if you dream of writing a book, know that you can do it. Pick up that pen and scribble, make notes, start chapters, rewrite them, type them, just don't give up. I believe in you! I do believe that we all have a story within us and that it was meant to find certain people. But the same can be said for any dream you have, you've got this. Do small things each day and you will get there. Also, don't forget to celebrate and enjoy the journey. I'm grateful to my family and friends and especially Kelly for always making me stop and smell the roses. There was a lot going on this past publication day, it had been an emotional day at work and I was anxious and worried about numerous things, but taking a few moments to pause and be surrounded by so much love was just what I needed and reminded me to take a second to be present. 

Have an amazing day everyone and an awesome week! We will be back with more book reviews on Friday! 

Ooh and if you fancy picking up 'The Little Barn of Dreams' it is currently only 99p for EBook! 

All my love

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