Book Review: The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore by Jaimie Admans.

I always look forward to Jaimie Adman's books, so thank you to Netgalley and HQ Digital for this copy! 

 The Blurb.

What do you do when ‘the one that got away’ now won’t go away? In fact, he’s so determined not to go away that he’s literally chained himself to a tree.

Fifteen years ago, Felicity Kerr threw caution to the wind and kissed her colleague Ryan Sullivan under the ancient wishing tree along the coast.

When Ryan failed to respond to her kiss, Felicity was mortified that she’d read his signals so horrendously wrong and left Lemmon Cove for good.

But now Felicity’s job brings her back to her hometown, and face to face with Ryan, who is leading a band of octogenarians rallying to save their beloved 300-year-old sycamore from being bulldozed by property developers.

The spark with Ryan is still there, but Felicity is guarding a secret and as much as she wants to join the protest by his side, she can’t help but hold back.

Will Felicity be able to mend her broken heart and find happiness with Ryan beside the sea?

My Review.

The descriptions in this book were beautiful and I definitely finished it wishing that I lived (or could spend a night) in a tree with a canopy, sea view and adorned with fairy lights. It sounded absolutely magical! Like, seriously I just want to sit in there now! Especially with all this rain, it would be quite soothing don't you think? Cocooned under a blanket, listening to the rain and the sea, a lantern a glow  in the fading evening light! Dreamy!!

Jaimie had me giggling out loud on numerous occasions with this book. From Ryan's pet sheep to the antics of the residents of the care home, there were a lot of funny moments. Felicity herself was rather comedic in her self depreciating ways too. It was uplifting and entertaining and I really got into everything that was going on. I love a good plan of action and helping to keep something going, like the strawberry patch and saving the tree. I love how Jaimie came up with all the ideas and stories and how much the tree meant to the people in the village. It really made the tree feel alive and like it was truly magic with how it bought people together. 

Ryan, I most certainly had a soft spot for from the start. He sounded so sweet and handsome and I loved how awkward he was too. He was a genuinely good guy and said all the right things. As I get older I love reading stories like this where the guy is just a nice guy. I'm not a fan of making it out like the guy always has to be mean to start with. I do believe there are wonderful people out there who may sound like they are 'too good to be true on paper,' but in reality they are exactly that too. It makes me happy.

'The Wishing Tree Beside the Shore,' is an entertaining summer read that will have you dreaming of treehouses and all the delicious strawberry treats you could eat! 

Happy Reading!

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