Book Review: 'The Lucky List' By Rachael Lippincott

I came across Rachael after watching 'Five Feet Apart.' My Mum told me to research the movie and the book because she loved it so much and I was super excited to find that Rachael was releasing her first solo book (she co-authored 'Five Feet Apart' with Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Laconis) called 'The Lucky List.' The blurb sounded beautiful and after watching Rachael and her wife complete parts of the lucky list on social media, I knew it was a book that I had to add to my reading list.  


Two girls, one list and twelve chances to fall in love this summer . . .
Emily’s always been lucky.

Well, technically her mum was the lucky one, and since she died, Emily’s started to feel like her luck’s run out. So when Emily finds her mum’s senior-year bucket list, she finds twelve ways to feel close to her again. But if she wants to check everything off, she’ll need help – help in the form of Blake.

As Blake and Emily work through the list, the girls’ bond deepens. Emily is starting to feel lucky again, but she’s faced with the question: can she accept this new part of herself, the part her mum never even knew existed?

My Review

Oh my goodness this book! This book wrapped a hug around my heart and has since not let go. I can't truly express how much I adored 'The Lucky List'. It was so warm, heartfelt and beautiful that I could not stop smiling every time I picked it up. I very much didn't want to put it down and sometimes I just pick it up to look at it and give it a cuddle now. 

Emily captured my whole entire heart. I wanted to give her a hug so so bad. It broke my heart learning about her losing her Mum and how she had been struggling to know what to do with herself and who to be since she passed. I just wanted to reach out to her when she was having to go through her Mum's things when packing the house. I could relate to how hard it is to part with things that carry so many memories and how belongings can make you feel connected. I'm writing this now wearing one of my Grandad's big cosy jackets and it's like being wrapped up in one of his cuddles. 

Emily finding her Mum's Senior Year List was such a magical and special moment that made my heart happy. You could feel that connection bursting through the pages in Rachael's writing, the joy that Emily felt and the need for this guidance from her Mum was so incredibly beautiful. I had to keep turning the pages, too excited to be on this journey with Emily of completing her Mum's list, stepping out of her comfort zone and embracing all that she is. 

I don't know where to even begin with Emily and Blake. Their friendship from the beginning melted my heart. I loved how Blake always seemed to know what was going on in Emily's head and how she always gave her time and space to grow whilst supporting her, encouraging her and giving her an extra push when she needed it. I absolutely adored all the time they spent together, from Hanks diner to each others houses, to cliff jumping and their road trip. Their bond was so special and Rachael wrote it in such a gorgeous way. I wish I could explain it better, but it just felt paced in this warm, cosy way. Blake didn't force Emily to admit her feelings, she did get sad and she did communicate with her in hopes that Emily felt the same, but there was an element of Blake letting Emily figure it out for herself, even though you know who I was praying for Emily to kiss around the campfire. Yes, I was shouting at my book. 

I can't say enough how much I loved Emily and Blake's personalities and their adventures together when completing 'The Lucky List.' It was such a sweet, romantic and wonderful adventure that made me smile so so big. I loved the lessons along the way and how Emily was able to reconnect with her old friends and be honest with them. I loved Emily finding her feet and her and her Dad opening up to each other that little bit more and being able to talk about her Mum. I loved Blake's Dad and how him coming back to town made Emily's Dad happy again after losing his wife. I adored Nina's bakery and OReily's bookshop. Ooh also, shout out to Albert Camus; I loved that Emily's Mum had one of his books as I am a fan of him too. The tattoo parlour was so much fun too. I was very much wrapped up in the whole world of 'The Lucky List' and if anyone would like to embark on completing it, just let me know! :) 

'The Lucky List' was utterly gorgeous and now I can't wait for Rachael and her wife's book to come out as it will most likely jump straight to the top of my TBR! I highly recommend picking up a copy of this beautiful book today! 

Happy Reading! 

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