Book Review: Catch a Falling Duke by Eve Pendle.

It's been a little while since I read one of Eve Pendle's books, so I was more than happy to jump into this one. Thank you Eve for the review copy!! :)

The Blurb.

He’s a duke, she’s a farmer, there’s only one bed. What can go wrong?
A duke reeling from the revelation of the true origin of his family's wealth . . . A woman on a quest to solve her own family mystery . . .

After Hugo Ravensthorpe comes to Beatrice Fenton’s aid in a crowded inn, the usually no-nonsense farmer finds herself sharing a room with the well-born, handsome stranger. Beatrice takes a chance and makes a scandalous proposition: one night, no commitments. But she can't refuse when Hugo offers to assist in tracking down the last connection to her mother, and one night becomes more... complicated.

The Duke of Cumbria is on the run. He never expected to end up masquerading as Mr. Ravensthorpe or to find himself in bed with witty and spirited Beatrice. One night with her, and not as a duke, makes him hungry for more. But can there be a future for a farmer and a duke? Or is love only possible if Hugo prevents his worlds colliding and Beatrice discovering his family secrets?

My Review.

It didn't take me long to finish this book and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved Beatrice's confidence and how she asked for what she wanted at the beginning. It wasn't the man taking charge it was her and while yes at first she was just after one thing, the relationship she and Hugo developed was a lovely one to witness. To me it felt like after Beatrice had gotten so used to doing things by herself and working so hard for other people, that having Hugo by her side was simply a nice thing to feel. Someone there to chat to, to look out for her and to keep her company on her mission. 

Likewise, Hugo needed someone by his side for what he was going through and Beatrice was that person who didn't pass judgement but who understood and listened. They were both good for each other. I loved how Hugo was making amends for his family's wrongdoings and how he wasn't after money or a place in high society. He wasn't all talk about that too, he acted upon it and that made me more drawn to him on each page.

The farm sounded idyllic and it made me smile thinking of Beatrice and Hugo working alongside each other there. Everyone on the farm was a family and while yes, farm life is hard work, I would have moved there in an instant. Their days spent outside, their comradery and their lovely lunches chatting and laughing together were something special. 

If you are looking for a sweet and sexy romance, I highly recommend 'Catch a Falling Duke.'

Happy Reading!

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