Book Review: 'The Falling in Love Montage' By Ciara Smyth

I picked up this gorgeous book after watching 'Sappho's Library' on YouTube. Theresa is so lovely and I follow her reviews on Instagram too and knew I had to give 'The Falling in Love Montage' a read. This is Ciara Smyth's debut novel and I'm so happy to have been introduced to her as I can't wait to see what she comes out with next. 



Seventeen-year-old Saoirse has finished with exams and is facing a long hot summer before uni. She plans to party, get drunk, watch horror movies and forget all her troubles by kissing girls. Ever since the breakupocalypse with her ex Hannah, she’s been alone and angry, dealing with the hole left in her family by her sick mother’s absence. Worse, Dad drops a bombshell: he’s remarrying at the end of the summer. Enter the scene: Ruby, who might just be the prettiest girl Saoirse’s ever seen. A romcom fan and a believer in true love, Ruby challenges cynical Saoirse to try a summer romance with the serious parts left out, just like in the movies. But what happens when the falling in love montage ends?

My Review

I don't even know where to start. I bought this book last Saturday and finished it Sunday evening. I did not want to put it down. Ciara totally captured my heart from the get go. I immediately loved Saoirse. I loved her sarcasm and wit. I loved how blunt she could be and how straight forward she was. She made me laugh out loud so many times, especially when she talks to the reader. It felt like she was chatting to me and I loved that. How many times can I say love/loved in one paragraph? 

So, I lov adored Ruby. I think she was my absolute favourite. The fact that she loved rom coms and believed in them made my heart happy. Also, her confidence and honesty made me smile. Her boldness in taking chances and going after what she wanted with Saoirse inspired me. I adored both Saoirse and Ruby's styles and interests and their connection was a dream. 

The girls meet cute had me grinning and their whole plan for a summer spent only doing the lovely parts of romantic movies and living their lives as if they were in a montage sounded like so much fun. I felt for Saoirse and could understand why she felt scared and not ready for a relationship after her break up, so this seemed like a wonderful way to ease back in and think of all the happy things that love can bring about. The way Ruby encouraged her to watch all the rom coms and then Saoirse's commentary for each movie had me giggling and nodding my head, as I had to agree with her thoughts. The cool thing was that while Saoirse loved horror films, she also took the mick out of them and their tropes too, so I let her off with the life doesn't happen like a romance movie idea and because like I said I agreed with pretty much all of her hilarious and honest takes on the rom coms. When Oliver started watching them with her and they start sending texts back and forth, the two of them had me in stitches. 

I thoroughly enjoyed following the girls journey as it was such a heart breaking, wonderful and emotional one. You had Saoirse who was bottling up her feelings and doing her best not to fall in love, while Ruby was very much going with the flow and listening to her heart. It gives you such an insight into these ways of living which for me was incredibly inspiring. Whilst I learnt from both girls, about being guarded but also letting people in, and how sometimes it can be a balance and other times you have to completely break down your walls and get out of your comfort zone,  I will say that I was leaning more towards Team Ruby in that I just wanted Saoirse to let go and give her all because I just thought they were so wonderful together and I dreamt up all they could be if she didn't hold back. 

This book is so gorgeous and warm and will have you swooning over the girls dates and romance, while at the same time it is extremely raw due to Saoirse's Mum suffering with Dementia, Saoirse and her Dad's relationship, Ruby's family dynamic and how it looks at the not forever lasting kind of love. I had tears in my eyes when Saoirse talked about her Mum. It was utterly devastating. My heart broke for Saoirse and how it effected her and her Dad's relationship. Saoirse can't understand how her Dad can move on with his life with her Mum being in a home. She believes he should take care of her forever and that he just let her go without caring. Yet her Dad visits every day, still celebrates their anniversary with her and always asks to be called if she gets upset. It's a very raw look at how everyone's idea of the right thing can be different but also, when Saoirse agreed to her Mum going in a home after an incident, how even when you agree on the right thing it can still feel so harsh and painful. 

I loved the moments where Saoirse and her Dad made each other laugh, took the mick out of each other and shared the same interests. That was really lovely. And I liked that he had been able to find happiness in Beth. You could see that he still dearly loved Liz and so I found that I wanted him to be happy, though it wasn't easy. I found myself hoping that Saoirse will understand that a little more when she gets older but again I could also understand how she found it so difficult to deal with someone else looking after her Mum when in her mind it should have been her Dad. 

'The Falling in Love Montage' was a book that I was most definitely hugging at the end and one that has taken pride of place on my bookshelf. I don't want to give any spoilers in talking about the end but I truly found myself loving the message that for me was celebrating how love is always there; it can just change and can look different as it grows. Also, that sometimes love, and certain people, might just be around for a little while and that's ok too. We can still enjoy it and embrace all that it is and was. 

If you dream of swoon worthy fun fair dates, drive in movies and skinny dipping, then I highly recommend picking up a copy of the brilliant 'The Falling in Love Montage' today! 

Happy reading. 


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