Book Review: The Accidental Diary of B.U.G by Jen Carney.


I found this book online last week and added it to my TBR pile. This past Saturday we went to Simply Books in Bramhall and I was so excited to find it there that I picked it up straight away. I started it on Saturday evening and finished it last night. Diary of a book! :p 

The Blurb.

Enter the hilarious world of Billie Upton Green . . . The start of an exciting new series full of Billie's laugh-out-loud observations and doodles!

There is a new girl at Billie's school, and Billie takes it upon herself to show her around, teach her the Biscuit Laws, and remind her that yes, two women can get married (after all, Billie's mums' wedding is the event of the year).

But then suspicion sets in.

The new girl seems very close to Billie's best friend Layla. And doesn't she know a little too much about the latest big school heist - the theft of Mrs Robinson's purse...?

My Review.

Firstly, I am in love with Jen Carney's doodles for this book! I didn't realise until the end of the book that she had done all the drawings for it and they are amazing!! Oh how I wish I had just a teensy ounce of talent for drawing - I do not! The pictures throughout 'The Accidental Diary of B.U.G' add so much to the story and definitely had me giggling! They must take so much time, as well as writing the story itself. I am in awe!!!

Myself and Lucy did an IGTV video of the books we got got on Saturday and I was so happy when a friend of ours said that she would have to pick up some of these for her daughter. I recommended this one from reading the first couple of pages and she said that it had caught her eye too. Now that I've read it, I definitely think it's a must even more and may just take it in to school  tell the kids to get a copy!! ;) I kid, I will be nice!! I adore giving them book recommendations that are new and refreshing. 

The voice and character of Billie was very easy to read and relate too. She's very on the ball, fast paced and exactly how a lot of the kids are at school - non-stop! I can see her speaking to a lot of children, which is why I love the messages peppered throughout and how they are so effortlessly sprinkled in with Billie's sense of humour attached; stealing, problem sharing, being adopted and having two mums. All subjects covered, all done in a way kids can understand and learn from, from a child's point of view!

The fact that this Diary came from Billie not wanting to practice her spellings was also a nice touch. As someone who teaches phonics, Billie's list of spellings she got wrong at the beginning cracked me up! 'The Accidental Diary of B.U.G.' is a brilliant read from start to finish and I highly recommend it! 

Congratulations Jen Carney on a fantastic daybyoo!!!! ;) 

Happy Reading!!

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