Book Review: Mayhem Mission by Burhana Islam.

I would like to take a moment to thank Knights Of publishing for sending us their latest books. We both can't read them fast enough! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! We both get so excited when the post arrives and we find a new book. I (Kelly) coined this one before Luc could open her mouth and say anything!! ;)

The Blurb.

Yusuf's older sister is getting married. He's ready for the delicious food, the fun with his cousins and the many presents but he s NOT ready to take her place as the responsible one. His only option: cause some chaos and ruin the wedding. The first book in the hysterically funny MY LAUGH-OUT-LOUD LIFE series will have you crying with laughter!

My Review.

'Mayhem Mission,' was such a fun book to read. The narrative was action packed, laugh out loud and always moving forward. It made me keep turning the pages, so much so that I'm sure I read it in about three days. I've actually just lent it to a boy at school, because I think he will really enjoying it! :) 

As I said, the narrative is brilliant. Yusef is always on the go and up to something and the way Burhana sets out his journal and tells the story is highly entertaining from start to finish. This meant the only problem with it was that it was difficult to put down. Each chapter was long enough to keep my attention and then entice me to read another and then another...and then another! We all know how that bookworm problem works! 

One thing I adore about Knights Of and that I've been grateful for this past year since lockdown, is how I am being introduced to so many new and wonderful authors. I hate to admit that I didn't have a very diverse bookshelf before then, but it's true. Children's books especially have blown my mind this year and inspired me so much. Reading this story and being immersed in another culture was amazing. The food made my mouth-water, the traditions made me smile, the new words I learnt - thanks to Yusef's labels - were educational and the family ties and bonds warmed by heart. 

As well as this being a great book to represent another culture, one other thing that really stood out to me, even though it was just part of who Yusef was, was his eczema and the fact that his sister had to put cream on him every night and then wrap him up. Reading that part for the first time made me think 'Yes! Thank you. We don't talk about these things or share these things in the majority of kids books.' Knowing children who suffer bad with eczema, this made me happy that they could see themselves in a book, if they picked this up. It really does make a difference when something is mentioned, that you realize you've never read before!

If you're looking for a book you can read together with your kids, or for a birthday present, or if you are simply stocking up your bookshelves, I highly recommend 'Mayhem Mission.' - It does what it says on the tin: makes you Laugh-out-loud! :)

Happy Reading!


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