Book Review: Julie and The Phantoms, The Edge of Great Novelisation by Micol Ostow.

We've said it before on this blog and we'll say it again -  not since we first watched our beloved show Chuck some ten years ago have we immersed ourselves into a TV show quite like we have with Julie and The Phantoms. Like Chuck it captured our hearts and permanently engraved a spot on them, meaning this love runs deep!!!  Naturally with this strong love comes getting anything and everything with JATP attached to it, including the novelisation of the show! :) 

The Blurb.

The next tween musical sensation from Netflix and the creator of High School Musical and Disney’s Descendants!

When high schooler Julie, a star in the making who has lost her spark after the death of her mother, discovers a CD from 90s band Sunset Curve, she accidentally brings them back … as ghosts!

Sunset Curve’s members died before their rock-and-roll dreams had a chance to come true, but now they’ll help Julie uncover the real power of music and bring all their dreams to life!

My Review.

The novelisation was another thing for us to be able to dive into, after we felt like we should take a break from our 15th run through of the show - who are we kidding? no matter how many times we watch it, it never gets old! Although Netflix, it would be FANTASTIC if you could please give us a season two already!!!! We've never read a novelisation of a TV show before, so this was really quite interesting. 

We'd say with something like this you have to watch the show first, as otherwise you don't get the true beauty of each character and also some lines or character traits seem to be given to different people in the book, so we did find ourselves a few times saying, ' hey that's not Luke's line!!' Then again, if you haven't already seen the show, you wouldn't know! This did make us wonder when these books are written. Is it before the show airs using a very rough script? Is it way before that even? Who knows? We guess you could just read it if you liked the look of it and wanted to learn the premise of the show, but for hardcore fans, it's not EXACTLY the same. 

It is a lot of fun though and we thoroughly enjoyed reading it and once again being in the world of Julie and The Phantoms. Even in book form it's colourful, exciting, positive and full of heart. All things we absolutely LOVE about the show. Honestly, we know we go on, but the biggest things we ADORE so much about JATP is how positive it is, how passionate the characters are and how even though there is sadness, it's full of hope and light. It's a wonderful show to get lost in and sing and dance to! 

If you've read the book or seen the show, we'd love to hear your thoughts and if you haven't we highly recommend getting on it!!! 

Keep Rocking!!!


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