Book Review: Do Your Best Every Day to Do Your Best Every Day by John Cena.

We are huge fans of John Cena's first picture book, the Elbow Grease series, and have to admit we were so excited finding out that he was delving into the book world. The kids at school LOVE the stories of Elbow Grease and his brothers, so much so that we've read them over and over...and over again! So, when John Cena announced new books, we didn't hesitate to pick them up!

The Blurb.

Hope + Effort = Making the impossible possible

In this colorfully illustrated book of encouragements, John Cena urges young readers to be who they are, act to make the world a better place, and never stop striving.

Aimed at elementary and middle schoolers, but fun and fitting for readers of any age, John's inspiring perspective and thoughtful advice are perfect for milestones like graduations, new siblings, and other big life moments, as well as for anyone who could use a little boost.

These affirmations about growing up and moving forward are sure to help kids find joy in their efforts and achievements.

Our Review.

This book is a collection of motivational sayings and quotes with lovely illustrations. It's a beautiful book with wonderful reminders to be who you are and go after your dreams each day. We think it's an awesome gift/pick me up/read for kids and adults alike. 

We're taking it into school tomorrow to share with our classes and plan on choosing a page every day for them to read, take in and focus on. We have so many kids who love John Cena, or know of him even if they don't actually watch wrestling, which we obviously get a huge kick out of. The fact that he has written these books - Elbow Grease included - is amazing for us. This way we get to share our knowledge of wrestling/wrestlers with the kids with the bonus of such positive and inspiring messages. The fact that we can say John Cena is not just a wrestler and movie star but also an incredible author is amazingly cool and gives that extra boost of determination when it comes to English lessons. 

We love looking outside the box to help encourage and motivate the kids at school to be kind, respectful and to work hard. We've used wrestling before as a huge motivator, for the kids that love it, by putting up pictures of John Cena's quotes and phrases above their desks. In addition to making wrestling reward charts and so on, so again these books make a wonderful addition to our libraries and are ones that we are looking forward to introducing to the children we work with.  

If you're looking for new children's books with great messages, or a book to offer good advice, we highly recommend the Elbow Grease series and Do Your Best Every Day to Do Your Best Every Day.

Happy Reading!

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