World Autism Week.

This week is World Autism Week and though we have already shouted from the rooftops about these gorgeous and wonderful reads, we felt we wanted to share them again to encourage you to give them a read. If you have already read these beautiful books, then pass them onto a friend and spread the word. They are awesome and super important. 

Elle McNicoll is one of my (Lucy) favourite authors. Her stories are full of adventure, beautiful friendships, family bonds and standing up for who you are. I adore Addie in 'A Kind of Spark' and I adore Cora in 'Show Us Who You Are.' Both girls are Autistic and their stories and their words take you on their journeys, what they go through when people judge and do not take the time to understand them. Elle's writing is stunning and both books are brimming with emotion. Her books make people feel seen and heard and they are amazing! 

'Can You See Me?' and 'Do You Know Me?' by Libby Scott and Rebecca Westcott were actually bought to our attention by a child at school. She had read 'Can you see me?' and mentioned that she loved it and it made her think about children at our school and so we picked them up straight away. Tally is wonderful and so are the many messages in this book. She's at secondary school, so this is great for those older kids who might just need to learn to be more accepting and understanding. Both stories have diary entries from 12 year old Libby Scott, who is autistic which brings the book to life and definitely make them must reads.

Autistic Alfie is written by Jayden Dove and takes you on Alfie's journey as he explains what Autism means to him. It's a great book to share with children and adults alike in making people aware of how others react to certain situations and surroundings and is a beautiful reminder for us all to be more considerate to every person we meet for we don't all see or experience the world in the same way. 

If you want to learn more about Autism, our number one is listen to those who are Autistic. Pay attention to what they are telling you in all the different ways they might express it. Hear them! See them! And love all that they are. 

When we are learning & listening make sure it's not just this week, but every week. Furthermore, it's not simply about Autism Awareness, it's about acceptance. Acceptance that there are people in the world whose brains are neuro-diverse & people in the world whose brains are neurotypical. It's understanding that our society is designed & created more for those with neurotypical brains & doing something about that. It's about loving enough to want the world to be equal. It's about caring enough to want to change the world so that it is designed & built for those who are neuro-diverse too.

We'll leave you with some brilliant words from Addie (A Kind of Spark.)

"The ocean needs all kinds of fish, just like the world needs all kinds of mind. Just one would be really dull, wouldn't it?"

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


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