Book Review: 'Show Us Who You Are' By Elle McNicholl.

I ABSOLUTELY ADORED Elle McNicholl's first book 'A Kind of Spark' and so I was incredibly excited to read 'Show Us Who You Are.' My goodness, did Elle knock it out of the park again!! I feel it's going to be so hard to put into words how much I loved it, so bare with me. 


The second book from the author of A Kind Of Spark, with Neurodivergent characters you'll root for and a moving friendship at its heart. When Cora's brother drags her along to his boss's house, she doesn't expect to strike up a friendship with Adrien, son of the intimidating CEO of Pomegranate Technologies. As she becomes part of Adrien's life, she is also drawn into the mysterious projects at Pomegranate. At first, she's intrigued by them - Pomegranate is using AI to recreate real people in hologram form. As she digs deeper, however, she uncovers darker secrets... Cora knows she must unravel their plans, but can she fight to make her voice heard, whilst never losing sight of herself?

My Review

I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT!!! I adored Cora right away. The way Elle writes and the narrative she creates for her beautiful characters is just so warm, endearing, inviting and makes you care about them with all your heart. I loved Adrien so so much too and his and Cora's friendship was just the most gorgeous thing. They made my heart ridiculously happy and giddy. 

It was wonderful to be on Cora's journey with her as she came to embrace all that made her her. She struggled at school trying to be what society deemed 'normal' and hide being Autistic, but when Adrien came along and wasn't shy about his ADHD, she was able to find her voice and raise it. It made me smile so so big the way Adrien saw life, that he was proud of his incredible mind. His mother was lovely. The way she taught him and encouraged him and adapted his learning to suit him, rather than act like he had to learn the same way everyone else did, so he could succeed was awesome. Cora being herself around Adrien was beautiful, uh, the scene at the school dance made my heart skip a happy beat. The way they supported each other and allowed each other to simply be was just the best and honestly, their friendship has to be one of my favourites I've ever read. I loved their moments hanging out in the garden and chatting together too. 

The world around Pomegranate Technologies was fascinating. Elle created a page turner and I was hooked on trying to figure out how the holograms worked, what they would mean for people and if it really was a good idea. It definitely gives you pause for thought. I couldn't put the book down as Cora tried to put the pieces of the puzzle together. When it all began unravelling as to what Pomegranate Technologies was really doing, it made my blood boil and I was right there along with Cora as she tried to take the corporation down. The twists and turns make for a brilliant rollercoaster ride and Cora is an incredible leading lady. She was brave, determined and totally kicked butt. I liked when she turned to spy mode when investigating!  

My heart was in my mouth towards the end of the book. I don't want to give away spoilers but I had to stop for a minute and just cuddle my book while wishing and praying for the ending I wanted. I was close to tears, that is how much I adored these characters. Cora standing up for herself, fighting for those who are deemed different, was inspiring but also, a message everyone needs to read/hear. No one should be made to feel like an outsider because they see the world in their own unique way. No one should be made to feel odd for the emotions they feel or how they express themselves. It is the world, our society, that needs to recognise, adapt, support, encourage and change to love, respect, care and nurture all minds because all minds are magnificent. Autistic children like Cora and those with ADHD like Adrien should never be made to feel like they are anything but awesome! 

In 'Show Us Who You Are' Elle has bought us another adventure filled read with so much heart and emotion that I just can't get enough of her writing. I love how her stories are driven with such an important message of loving who we are and embracing all our differences. There is so much passion in her voice and her stories that she has zoomed to the top of my list of favourite authors. 

Get your copy of 'Show Us Who You Are' now!!! I eagerly await the next book from Elle. 

Happy reading. 


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