Book Review: Magic Marmalade by Petra Quelch.

The lovely Petra sent me this adorable parcel in the post, as today is my stop on her blog tour for her second children's picture book, Magic Marmalade. I'm so happy to be part of it and want to say a huge thank you to Petra for this great new addition to my childrens bookshelf. 

The Blurb.

Imagine you didn't have to travel the ordinary way of transport. You could get from one place to the other quickly and without any delays. Wouldn't that be fantastic? Mabel Bloom doesn't like to travel the ordinary way. She dislikes buses, cars, trains or even planes. But one day she receives a very important invitation from the Other Side of the world, so she turns to her grandpa for help. Grandpa sends Mabel a recipe which, when made correctly, will give her the power to travel a very unusual way. And Mabel's extraordinary adventure begins.

My Review.

This book had such a cute concept. I loved the fact that Mabel had to get to her Grandpa one way or another and that he was the one sending her things out of the ordinary to help her get on her way. Anything Grandpa/Granddaughter themed, especially with a recipe involved is right up my alley. I love that family connection and that bond, because it's such a special one to have. We would have moved heaven and earth for our Grandad, so the idea that Mabel would try out this very unusual method of travel, because she didn't like normal modes of transport, just so she could see her Grandpa, I could totally get on board with.  

The illustrations are very sweet in this book too, they give you a clear visual of everything that Mabel gets up to and of what the recipe includes. It's also a good size to be able to slip onto your bookshelf easily, especially if it's overflowing like mine! 

If you're looking for an easy to follow bedtime story or just a lovely picture book to read on a gorgeous day outside in the garden - the sun is shining and the sky is blue as I type this, then I highly recommend Magic Marmalade.

Happy Reading!

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