Book Review: He Will Be Mine by Kirsty Greenwood.

I have been waiting to read this book by Kirsty Greenwood for ages!!!! My in-laws got it me for Christmas and it's been sat patiently waiting on my TBR pile! So, I wait months to read it and then... and then I read it in 4 days!!!!! Such are the problems of a bookworm!

The Blurb.

Nora Tucker is an admin assistant from a tiny English village. Gary Montgomery is Hollywood’s hottest new hearthrob. She's got zero chance with him... Right?

After seeing him on the silver screen, Nora believes that Gary is her soulmate, her one true love, the man she's supposed to grow old and wrinkly with. She knows it sounds bonkers, she knows it’s completely crazy. But sometimes love is crazy!

So... how on earth is this curvy introvert supposed to get to notoriously image conscious Los Angeles, infiltrate Gary’s inner circle AND convince him that they’re meant to be?

With the help of a sunny Californian weather girl, a super hot but super grumpy script writer, and a very passionate Adam Levine tribute act, Nora is about to try the impossible and let fate decide her future…

My Review.

I've read and enjoyed all of Kirsty's previous books, so like I mentioned above, I could not wait to read this one. I loved the concept from the minute I read the blurb and knew it would be a fun, laugh out loud read. It did not disappoint. Being quite the homebody myself, I could relate to Nora liking life in her cosy flat and not wanting to leave her comfort space, but my heart broke for her reasoning behind it and I felt for the fact that because of it, her whole confidence and ability to talk to other people had diminished. I wanted better for her.

I loved that Nora wanted what her Mum and Dad had and that she believed in love and thunderbolts and the good, happy things. Romance books are wonderful and I don't think we should have to defend them. We should just enjoy and embrace them. Romance Rocks!!!! So, back to Nora, I was all in for her seeing Gary on screen and going after him! (If only!! :p ) At first I was sad that her sister was so negative about it and that she seemed to be pushing her in a bad way, but they did have a good relationship and I know that Imogene just wanted what was best for Nora and was just worried about her sister. I'm glad that she pushed her because it was one great push, one that I was happy to be along for the ride!!

I literally feel like I've spent four days in L.A and honestly it makes me miss it and wish I was there!! We need to go rollerblading again on the boardwalk! It was so much fun, not so much for Nora, but myself and Lucy enjoyed ourselves when we did it, plus we've been rollerblading again recently and our sister has started practicing, so... Girls Trip!!! (When we can!) The sun, sea, sand and everything Kirsty described I could picture clearly. The walking from Kennedy's house to the beach, everything just felt so familiar by the end of the book that now I really miss being there. 

I'm not going to lie, I cringed at some moments that Nora decided to be bold and the decisions that she made at first to meet Gary, but after a while I found myself glued to the book, not quite literally, but very nearly. As the story got rolling I just wanted to see what Nora was going to think of next and who was going to be involved. There were so many things going on and I just kept turning the pages. It was funny, it was out there and it was so entertaining. I loved that Nora found herself too in L.A. Seeing her transform and become herself again was really, really cool. Sunshine definitely makes you feel brighter and like you can do anything I think.

Each little moment that helped Nora and pointed her in the right direction had me smiling and certain parts had me yelling at my husband things that I sussed out - no spoilers. It was thrilling and such a joy to read!! Joy ahoy! Gary was brilliant too. His diary entries were a great touch. I loved how Kirsty told the story with Nora but then added to it and connected dots through Gary. It was very cleverly done and made me go "YES!!" every time he said something that fit!! You've just gotta read it!!! 

So, I'm rambling a lot and can only hope I've enticed you to read Nora's story with what I have told you so far. I don't want to spoil anything, but if you want a page turner, that will make you laugh out loud and fantasise just a tad  A LOT, then I highly recommend you pick up 'He Will Be Mine,' today! My Mum and sister, Jen are currently fighting over who is going to read it first! 

Happy Reading!

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