Book Review: The Duke's Runaway Bride by Jenni Fletcher.

How lucky was I getting to finish this lovely book outside under blue skies and sunshine?? It made for a most perfect afternoon. Thank you so much Jenni, as always, for sending me a copy of 'The Duke's Runaway Bride.'

The Blurb.

From shopkeeper…

To Duke’s wife

When Beatrix, Duchess of Howden, writes to her estranged husband offering a divorce, she’s stunned when he arrives on her doorstep with a different proposition: a six-week marriage trial! Quinton Roxbury seems cold and inscrutable, but Beatrix gradually realises his rough exterior hides a heavy burden. As their connection deepens, dare she trust him with her own scandalous past and risk the marriage she never knew she wanted?

My Review.

Let me start by saying that I am LOVING this 'Regency Belles of Bath' series by Jenni Fletcher. This is the third book in the series and there is one more to go, which I am very excited about. Jenni has created such a wonderful world to be settled into, I have loved every book so far. Belles biscuit shop offers a place of comfort and familiarity, as well as delicious biscuits! I am definitely going to miss the people I have met there. Alas, let's not bring the mood down thinking about that, there is another book coming and there is also this one to talk about!

We got the teaser for this book in the second book 'Unexpectedly Wed To The Officer,' and yet silly me still took a second to figure that out. I only admit to this because as soon as the penny dropped it was like I got to be pleasantly surprised and excited all over again, like I was when I first read the epilogue in book two! It was a nice moment! :p I got excited because I really liked Quinton from the moment I met him, so I knew Beatrix had to have a good reason for doing what she did and I was itching to find out how they were going to resolve their issues.

I loved Beatrix - there's a lot of love going around in this review - for one of the same reasons I love the other ladies in these stories and that is that they all work for a living and love what they do. Beatrix found herself outside Belles during a hard time in her life and after confiding in Henrietta and Nancy gets herself a job and learns how to make Belles famous biscuits. She is proud of her work, loves her independence and doesn't want anything changing that! She does however know that she can't keep her past a secret and sooner or later she is going to have to get in touch with the husband she ran away from - which she does. Without giving too much away, thus begins Beatrix and Quinton's story of resolving the past and learning to find compromise if they are to have a future together. 

The dialogue, the chemistry and the way everything unfolds was perfect to me. Another winner from Jenni! I adored the family element of the book and how Quinton loved his and wanted to protect them despite their flaws and I especially loved how Beatrix helped him fix their relationships with a few simple kindnesses. Being at Howden Hall was homily and warm. I very much enjoyed my time there! 

You know what I'm going to say now! If you haven't started this series then please do, I highly recommend it! The Regency Belles of Bath by Jenni Fletcher.

Happy Reading!


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