Book Review: Big Little Voice Colours the Grey by M.G Vaciago.

After connecting with M.G Vaciago on Instagram, I knew that this was going to be a book I had to get to read in school. Inspired by her own sons struggle with bullying, this lovely author wrote 'Big Little Voice Colours the Grey,' to help other children going through the same things. 

The Blurb.

'Why me?' Tommy would ask. After being relentlessly bullied at school for a number of years Tommy is now completely withdrawn from everyone and everything he once loved. That is, until, one night when his Big Little Voice appears to him and takes him on a journey to a reality he never could have imagined...

Together, they decide to confront his fears, rediscover his self-worth and work as a team to achieve his dreams, vowing never to let anyone darken his shine again.

They say that for every negative there is a positive, but what if the positive was within you all along?

Join Tommy on his incredible journey, see the world through his eyes and experience what he feels. Meet Big Little Voice and uncover a side to bullying as you've never seen before and realise your inner superhero was within you all along.

My Review.

I can't stress enough how important books like this are to us. We strive everyday at school to teach the children to be kind to one another and do not tolerate bullying of any kind. It breaks our hearts when kids don't realise the impact of their words and actions on others and so we will continue to model kindness, treat them with kindness and encourage kindness daily through our own words and actions in the hopes that they will learn from us and pass it on.

M.G Vaciago has written a beautiful, rhyming story that focusses on a child who has had enough of being bullied and can no longer see himself or anything in a positive light. He hasn't shared his problems with anyone, so he lives in a grey world full of sadness and self-loathing. No child should ever feel this way. We really believe that in todays world kids need a lesson at school on positive thinking and self-worth. We really do want to do something like this! One night Tommy's inner Big Little Voice appears and reminds Tommy of the person he was before all of the bullying started and of how he used to be a positive child. The voice encourages Tommy to look at all of his achievements and not to let the bully take away what he has done and is capable of. These parts gave me goose bumps and really got me. It's hard to fully express into words how I feel about this topic. I just want all children to feel loved and know their worth. 

This story speaks about a child reaching their lowest point and also shows how the bully might be feeling which is leading to bullying behaviour. It covers all of the feelings a child may have and is a great way to get children talking and open up that conversation of how your words and actions can impact others. I highly recommend giving it a read with your child or class. 

If your child is experiencing bullying and you would like some advice or if you work with children and would like some resources or guides on how to deal with bullying situations, please visit Kidscape, which is a great organisation that focuses on keeping children safe from bullying and harm. 


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