Children's Mental Health Week.

On Monday we were very excited to announce that we are officially ambassadors for Kidscape. We've followed them across social media for a while now and absolutely love their work. 

You may have seen previous posts that we have done either inspired by them or in collaboration with them, because when it comes to bullying prevention and wanting all children to know their worth, we are behind it 1000%. 

Our announcement just so happened to coincide with #ChildrensMentalHealth Week, which has made us eager to dive right in and share as much love, joy and positivity as we can. You can hear more about that in our latest IGTV video over on Instagram.

In thinking about what we could do to play our part in talking to the children at work and giving them ways to express themselves, chat about themselves and learn more about what mental health means, we turned to our creative side and designed these worksheets/colouring sheets. Our amazing sister Jen then worked her Cricut magic and gave them that extra imaginative spark and we love how they turned out.  

My Mental Health Matters. 

I (Kelly) came up with this idea in class after mentioning mental health to my year 4's and them looking at me confused. I wanted something simple to be able to chat to them about what helps their minds and what doesn't. Click on the titles to print your PDF. 

Express Yourself.

This is another simple worksheet based of the Oak Academy assembly on Monday. It was all about this years theme of how you express yourself. The presenters, children and celebrities all talked about what they like to do to express their happiness and excitement, like dancing in the kitchen, writing, wearing an item of clothing that makes you feel bold and inspired. You can also talk about ways to express yourself if you're sad. For example, I made pizza from scratch on Sunday to help with grief, as it would have been our Grandad's 95th birthday. It's a fun way to encourage your kids to draw pictures or write about how they like to express themselves. 

Being ME is my Superpower.

This one we did on Monday and the kids loved the idea of being a Superhero. However, some of them struggled with the concept of saying 3 things that they loved about themselves. When looking around the room, we were wondering how many times Children are actually asked or even told that it's okay to love themselves. One of the main ways Kidscape help reduce the impact of bullying and harm in their Zap workshops is by "raising self-esteem through helping children to identify and be proud of their unique strength and skills" This is probably the area that we love the most. We want every child to feel happy being themselves and we hope to encourage them daily to be bold and confident in their own skin. We still have moments of insecurity at 32, but over the years we've learnt to be proud of who we are and what we love.

Sometimes we've got to lean.

Okay, so we may have snuck a couple of Julie and the Phantoms references in these worksheets, but we promise it's because some of the children at school are also huge fans. Not to mention, each morning when we blast the soundtrack in our car, the words really speak to us. This first one from 'Edge of Great,' is a very important one for those struggling alone. Please never feel like you can't tell someone about how you are feeling. It's so important to lean on someone; a friend, a teacher, a parent or grandparent, or grown up you trust. You may need time to work out how you feel in your head, but please talk when you are ready. Never suffer in silence and please know that reaching out and asking for help is not weak. We all need each other.  

Stand Tall. 

This last colouring sheet from the song 'Stand Tall,' is about holding your head high, owning who you are and what you love and standing tall. Never let anyone tell you that you aren't good enough, that you can't live your dreams, or let them bully you into feeling sad and insecure. Speak to people. Don't suffer alone and 'Own your awesomeness.'

We hope you enjoy these worksheets and colouring sheets. Please visit Kidscape for more information on who they are and what they do. If you print any of these off, we'd love to see them, so feel free to tag us @theblossomtwins on twitter and Instagram. 

Have a great day.


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