Book Review: Everything That Was Us by Edy Graziani.

I've been missing Italy terribly since last January and am counting down the days until we get to grace it's shores again, so with that being said it was nice to take a trip back there through the pages of 'Everything That Was Us' by Edy Graziani. I'd like to thank The Wild Rose Press for sending me a copy in exchange for a review.

The Blurb.

What would you do for a secret love?

Despite not speaking for nearly twenty years, Massimo Damiani, a 'rags-to-riches' oil executive, summons Sofie to his hospice bedside in picturesque Tuscany—his last wish? reconcile their stormy history and set long-buried secrets to rest.

Sofia Romano, a powerful Wall Street banker in Manhattan's financial district, reeling with heartache in her rocky marriage, ignores her husband's protests and flies to Italy to comfort the dying man from her past.

With old promises tugging at her heart and the memory of a tempestuous love that grew and crumbled time and again, will Sofia ever come to terms with the flaws in her marriage and gain the strength to rebuild it?

My Review.

Having been to Lucca and Viareggio myself, I enjoyed Edy's descriptions of the places and could picture myself amongst the cobbled streets and eating gelato in the Piazzas. Like I said, I miss Italy very much, it has my heart and I cannot wait to go back, especially to Praiano to see my family. It made me connect to the story and I enjoyed the moments in Italy.

The story itself was quite heart-breaking. I felt for Massimo in his hospice bed, but was glad that Sofia did go and see him to keep him company for his last few days. The way Edy tied in Sofia going down memory lane was easy to follow and made the story flow nicely. Massimo and Sofia shared a very strong love for each other, but I don't want to divulge too much as that is for you to find out when you pick up this book. 

While I didn't connect to these characters completely, if you are looking for an emotional read, with the beauty of Italy as a backdrop and a story of two people full of passion, then 'Everything That Was Us,' could be just the book you are looking for.

Happy Reading!

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