Book Review: Bump by Matt Wallace.

A fiction book for kids about wrestling? Let me repeat that, a fiction book for kids about wrestling! Where was this when we were growing up?? I recently wrote a middle-grade book with a wrestling theme, so in doing some research I came across Matt Wallace's 'Bump' and got very excited! Thank you Netgalley for the early copy! 

The Blurb.

MJ knows what it means to hurt. Bruises from gymnastics heal, but big hurts--like her dad not being around anymore--don't go away. Now her mom needs to work two jobs, and MJ doesn't have friends at school to lean on.

There is only one thing MJ loves: the world of professional wrestling. She especially idolizes the luchadores and the stories they tell in the ring. When MJ learns that her neighbor, Mr. Arellano, runs a wrestling school, she has a new mission in life: join the school, train hard, and become a wrestler.

But trouble lies ahead. After wrestling in a showcase event, MJ attracts the attention of Mr. Arellano's enemy at the State Athletic Commission. There are threats to shut the school down, putting MJ's new home--and the community that welcomed her--at risk. What can MJ do to save her new family?

My Review.

This book was a breath of fresh air and tons of fun to read. Like I mentioned earlier, it's a middle-grade book all about wrestling!!!! How could I not enjoy it?! I wish I had something like this growing up, which is probably why I wrote a book inspired by wrestling too! We should see more wrestling books out there that are fictional!! 

MJ loves Lucha Libre, thanks to her dad. It's the only thing that makes her feel safe and happy, which she really, really needs to feel right now. So, when she discovers something very, very cool about her next door neighbour, she isn't going to let up until she gets to do what she loves. Thus ensues a story about facing your fears, making new friends, finding a place where you belong and following your dreams! 

Honestly, this book was really cool for me. I got into wrestling when I was 12, then started training a week before my 16th birthday. It gave me a place to belong and I met people who became instant friends, who felt like family, so I could very much relate to MJ. It was pretty awesome reliving training days and reading about wrestling in so much detail from MJ's point of view. Matt Wallace also used to be a professional wrestler which comes across in this book, because he knows so much about the business. 

'Bump' ties in the colourful, electric world of Lucha Libre with a very emotional, heartfelt story about finding your people, growing up and dealing with loss. I could feel the passion MJ had in her veins and how much she needed wrestling. I could feel her nerves, her excitement, her pain. It was quite a journey to go on and though there is heartbreak, it was a very entertaining and enjoyable read. 

I highly recommend 'Bump' for young and old wrestling fans alike! 

Happy Reading!

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