5 Ways you can be kind today!

Through working with Kidscape and the children at school, we are learning a lot every day about how to deal with bullying situations; what to do, what to say, how we can help. One thing that will always stick out in our minds as the number one most important thing to put at the top of the list, in order to prevent bullying, is consistently encouraging kindness. 

We talk to the children a lot at school about kindness. Growing up is hard, they bicker, they fall out and they say mean things to each other and sometimes they say words jokingly or get caught up in the moment not quite knowing the full impact of what they are saying. It's important to us to tell them to think before they speak and to be mindful of words like 'stupid' and 'idiot' and how much they can hurt people. Moreover, it's important for us to teach them kind vocabulary so they have the means of replacing such negative words. 

However, it's not just about telling them to be kind. We like to think we show them and model kindness ourselves every day. For, if we treat them with kindness and they learn to understand how an act of kindness made them feel, we hope that they will then know how to pay it forward and that they will be inspired to pay it forward. Little things like printing off their favourite characters from TV shows to colour in at lunch time, or offering smiles and cheery hellos each and every morning, or chatting to them about something that makes them happy, or asking them how they are and how their day is going, or remembering what they said they were up to over the weekend so we can ask them about it Monday morning, are all part of our daily routine and we love it. 

We are always thinking of different ways in which we can encourage and demonstrate kindness because we feel that if they are surrounded by love and positivity then it will elevate their moods and create a happy atmosphere, one that will make themselves feel good and in turn make everyone around them feel good. If the environment is one of support, encouragement and joy and one where everyone is demonstrating kind words and actions then we believe and hope that it can only help children's self confidence and self-love and that there will be no time nor space for meanness.  

Here are just five ways you can be KIND today at work, school or home.

Compliment a friend or co-worker or your grown up or sibling. 

You know that positive thing that is in your head that you want to say to someone but feel too nervous to say out loud? Say it!! "I love your shoes!" "I love your hair today!" "That's a really good picture!" "Dinner was delicious!" "You're doing an amazing job!" We guarantee it will make the recipients day. Why not try and compliment that person in your class you don't know very well, you may just break the ice and start up a new and wonderful friendship. Better yet, compliment your brother or sister when they least expect it or your teacher or boss too and see how you light up their face and put them in a happy mood with your loving words. 

Ask someone how they are feeling and listen to their reply.

School can be busy. Work can be stressful. Home life can be chaotic. Take a moment to ask someone how they are today and stick around to hear their answer. It can make a world of difference just knowing someone cares and is there to really listen and take on board their answer. Hearing about something that made someone smile during the day can be lovely for both parties mental health and gives us a moment to be grateful for the joys of the day both big and small. By the same token, pay attention so you can gage whether a person needs to vent over something bad that happened during the day, does it require action? Maybe they need to let off some steam with a dance to one of their favourite songs or maybe it requires a word with their teacher or a plan of action with their boss? 

Draw someone a picture/leave someone a note.

Colouring is a great stress reliever and just really fun. Spend a few minutes drawing or colouring a picture and pass it on to a friend or you could leave a note for your teacher, or grown up at home. Adults, why not leave a note for someone in your household or a next door neighbour? Even a simple 'Hello, have a great day.' can make someone smile. We leave notes in each others lockers in the staff room every now and again for the other to get at break and it always makes us happy! We also have a thing at work called 'Random acts of Kindness' that our beautiful friend, Jan, started, where staff leave notes, sweets, biscuits or coffee in each others lockers too which can really start someone's day with a smile! :) 

Support a small/local business.

Lockdown has been difficult for many people, especially regarding jobs. Therefore, many have turned to getting creative and putting themselves out there in starting their own businesses, but it's probably been incredibly scary and difficult too. We make a mental note to try and shop small and show our support for people dreaming big. We admire them so much and they inspire us every day. Even if it's a small purchase, we're sure it goes a long way and if you are unable to buy anything right now, a shout-out on social media works wonders too! :) For any kids reading, be sure to ask an adult first before buying anything online! Share things with your grown ups!

Here are a few places we love: (we'd love if you shared yours in the comments.)

Cooking and Carafes. - for the cutest Italian inspired handmade crafts and cooking classes.

The Tiny Italian  - for fun cooking classes.

Phantoms Crafts - calling all Julie and the Phantoms fans! Do check out Etsy for people selling your favourite things. There are so many creative people out there! 

Shop 315- We don't know how Mel makes these bracelets!! The time and effort that goes into them! We wear ours every day! Use FREESHIP21 for free shipping. (Not commissioned, just a code the lovely Mel gave us and this includes international orders too!) 

Little Dots Bows - Our friend Rachel from work started making the cutest bows when she had her daughter. Now she does adult versions and also includes headbands and scrunchies!

Pick up the phone.

Call a friend or family member you haven't spoken to in a while and have a chat. There are a lot of people spending most of their time on their own right now and it's extremely hard for them. We miss being able to visit our friend, our Nanna and Grandad's next door neighbour, each week or have her pop in for coffee with us all, so now we ring her every week. We love talking to her, catching up and hearing stories from her childhood. We miss our Nanna and Grandad each and every day and wish we could just run round to see them or pick up the phone and hear their voices, so make sure you get in all those phone calls to all the people you love while you can. 

Let us know how you have been spreading kindness recently.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

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