Book Review: We're Moving Where?! by Glen Blackwell.

I'm loving reading lots of Children's books and am finding so much inspiration from some great authors at the moment. So, when Glen Blackwell got in touch about sending me his new book, I jumped at the chance to read it! 

The Blurb.

When Harry's mum and dad tell him that they will be moving to a cabin in the Canadian wilderness, his first thought is about leaving his friends behind. He then finds out that there will be NO INTERNET!!!Join Harry on the adventure of a lifetime and find out how he adapts when everything he is used to changes overnight...

My Review.

Firstly, I loved the concept of this book and how it's teaching children to enjoy life and appreciate what they have around them. Harry is embarking on a new adventure with his Mum and Dad, which means leaving his school friends, comforting routine and country behind him. The lovely thing is that each 'problem' or worry he encounters while he's coming to terms with the big move, is solved by a simple solution, that helps Harry realise that they don't have to be big scary problems really. He can think of them a different way, to help him accept his new adventure. Things like writing letters or having a phone call with his friends even though he won't be able to see them, or learning to build, fish and spend quality time with his parents, even though he doesn't have internet!! 

I found the relationship Harry had with his parents to be sweet and I loved Harry's 'can do' attitude to tasks, as well as his eagerness to learn new things. He turned something that could be very upsetting and scary into something wonderful by looking on the bright-side and deciding to dive head first into all the new things he was going to learn and experience. 

I myself, loved the idea of building a log cabin - I adore log cabins - in the woods and being one on one with nature. It sounded idyllic, not to mention Canada is high up on my list of places I would like to visit! 

If you're looking for a joyful book to read to your children or your 8-12 years olds are looking for a new read, then 'We're Moving Where?!' is a great story with a wonderful message for them! 

Happy Reading!

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