Book Review: A Match for the Rebellious Earl by Lara Temple.

This book has kept me cosy and warm these past few snowy days. As with the rest of Lara Temple's book that I've read, I adored it!!

The Blurb.

Dashing and disreputable…

Now, he’s back in Society’s ballrooms!

Whispers of Captain Kit Carrington – now Lord Westford – have long scandalised the ton…so his arrival at the season’s most-anticipated ball sends society’s gossips into a frenzy! Miss Genevieve Maitland needs his help to find an eligible match for her sister but assumes he’ll be reluctant to help the family that rejected him. Yet after one spine tingling waltz with Kit, sensible Genny finds he’s not her opponent – but a very tempting ally…!

My Review.

'A Match For The Rebellious Earl,' was a winner for me right from the start. I immediately warmed to Genny, who was a match for any man or woman with her ability to command and get things done. She learnt this after growing up on board ships with her Grandfather, who obviously had a huge impact on her. She misses him terribly and often thinks back to what he said and did and keeps his stories close to her heart. This element of the story really spoke to me and was wonderfully written by Lara. I really connected to Genny's love for her Grandfather and how much she missed him. I feel the same way about mine every single day, so this added a heartfelt touch to the story and made me love it more. 

Kit Carrington - I mean the name itself just makes me swoon and our leading man fits it to a tee. He was every bit the dashing, charming, caring gentleman that I want to read about when I pick up a book, with the added danger of being a 'pirate' and not wanting to conform to society. He loved being out on the open sea, on his boat and it took a lot for him to stay settled among the ton. Not that, that was difficult for Genny to accomplish. She has her ways and like I said, she knows how to get things done, especially if it's to help out her family! 

Kit and Genny's relationship was a delight to read. There was humour in certain interactions, as well as fire and a whole lot of chemistry. I was entertained from start to finish by the story and loved all of the little touches that made it a page turner and a must read. I highly recommend 'A Match For The Rebellious Earl,' as your next read!

Happy Reading!

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