Book Review: 'The City of Second Chances' By Jane Lacey Crane.

This was my first read from the lovely Jane Lacey Crane and it definitely won't be my last. It's safe to say that Jane has been added to my list of authors that from the first page I know their writing is for me. 


Evie Grant is forty-five years old, a widow, and single mum of two children about to leave the nest. Suddenly alone in the family home, Evie realizes she hates her job, hardly goes out and hasn't had a date since who knows when...

So it feels like fate when the opportunity arises for a girls trip to New York City. Staying with her sister on the Upper East Side, Evie is enchanted by a snow-covered city consumed by preparing for Christmas.

Bobble hat firmly on, Evie is walking through the city one day when she bumps into Daniel Roberts, Hollywood heartthrob and one-time boyfriend of hers.

It's now or never for Evie – but she open her heart to the possibility of a new beginnings and true happiness once again...?

My Review

When I started reading 'The City of Second Chances,' I was immediately comforted my Jane's writing style and felt like I knew Evie right away. There was this real and raw emotional pull to her story, the way she spoke, where she was at in her life and what she had been through, that simply drew me in. I found this book captivating and hard to put down and though I was surprised by some of the darker topics that Jane addresses in this book, they certainly kept me turning the pages. By the end of the story, I found these elements (I don't want to give any spoilers) incredibly touching and commend Jane for the beautiful way in which she made me think about life and how sometimes there are things that we have no control over, things that we simply have to walk away from and let go of because no matter how hard we may want to try and fix them or need closure, that that closure just might not be on the cards the way you imagined. 

Evie was a beautiful, strong and independent woman that had been through such sadness and was learning to live life fully with her grief. Grief never really goes away, you just have to figure out how to live with it and how to go after want you want, achieve your goals and dreams alongside it, like somewhat of a companion. I think Jane told such a gorgeous story that didn't shy away from the downs of life but showed that even when those downs can make you feel like you've hit rock bottom, there is so much love, magic and adventure to find and to be had too. 

I loved the friendships within these pages. From her best friend Rachel to her sister Kate, the women all loved each other and didn't hold anything back. I liked that they could by honest with one another and how they were always there for each other, looking out and going above and beyond. Jane described New York so wonderfully that I could picture being there wandering the streets and actually felt jealous of Evie getting to go to the diner and eat pancakes every morning. It sounded like heaven and reminded me of my times in The Big Apple. I very much wanted to dive into the pages and meet her friend Judy who worked at the diner too, as she was awesome. 

I also loved the concept of Evie bumping into her ex-boyfriend and how after many years apart their friendship and banter was still very much in tact. It was lovely getting to see them catch up and witness how they still had such a spark around each other and cared for each other greatly. Their romance wasn't simple though and I really enjoyed them figuring out how to make things work. They both had individual lives and worked hard on making their own dreams come true and did things for themselves, which was really wonderful, but then they also didn't stop fighting for each other, which was beautiful. 

'The City of Second Chances' is such a gorgeous read that shows we can be vulnerable and still be strong, that love might not always find us in the way we imagined, that there is no correct time frame for life and that love will always find a way. 

I highly recommend you pick up a copy today! 

Happy reading.



  1. Yep definitely sounds one for me to read, great review Lucy x

    1. Thank you Gem. It was different in a few little ways that were so beautiful and captivating and that I wasn't expecting! :) I hope you enjoy it! Lucy xx