Scarlett's Winter Wardrobe.

Ok, so I had a blast putting this blog post together. In my new book 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow,' my leading lady Scarlett was/is a huge fan of superheroes and dreams of being a comic book illustrator. She goes on a bit of a rollercoaster ride with embracing who she is and struggles to follow her heart, even when it comes to clothes, due to her Mum putting a lot of pressure on her and putting her style down. I love festive jumpers and really jumpers all year round, the baggier and snugglier the better, and so today I wanted to share Scarlett's ideal outfits with a Christmas jumper style twist! 

With Scarlett being an aspiring illustrator, I think this Thor jumper would be perfect for her. I love the comic book Thor design. 

I want one of those. Thor Jumper. 

Everything about this jumper is awesome. I absolutely LOVE it and think this might be one of both Scarlett and her ex best friend/best friend Devon's favourites. 

Geek Core. Captain America Jumper. 

How cool does this jumper look? Wonderfully festive and representing a few favourite Avengers for those who can't choose just one. 

Merchoid. Avengers Christmas Jumper. 

This Gwen Stacy, Spider-Woman, jumper is badass and I think Scarlett would absolutely rock it and that it would represent her well.


Merchoid. Spider-Gwen.

Saving the best till last, and totally adding this holiday jumper to my own wishlist, I think Devon would perfectly suit this jumper and that Scarlett would be super giddy to wear it. 

The wholesale t-shirts. Shazam. 

Which jumper would you pick? Do you have any Superhero Christmas jumpers? 

'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' is currently only 99p in Ebook and will be out in paperback on January 7th! :)

Pick it up in the USA here! 

Have a Super Wednesday! 


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