Scarlett's Guide to Christmas.

One of the most exciting parts about writing 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' was all the Christmas cheer that went into it. With Scarlett and Hope loving all things Christmas and the village of Springhollow hosting Christmas fairs and decorating for the holiday season, I enjoyed every minute of bringing the festive vibes to the pages. Today I thought I would share with you Scarlett's guide to Christmas. 

You can never have too many fairy lights. 

Scarlett has a beautiful tall, full and gorgeous tree by her window in her living room. It's decorated with gold and silver ornaments and bright warm white lights, though she did always dream of having a tree with an array of mismatched baubles of her favourite things, she still loves this one. She loves when the Village square is lit up and all the shops hang wreaths on their doors and string lights around their windows and doorways. You can never go wrong with twinkly lights. The more sparkle the better. 

Never Skateboard off an icy roof. 

Now, at twenty-six years old, there are a lot of things that Scarlett's best friend Devon is right about. However, making her go first in one of their daring stunts when they were sixteen...not one of his best ideas. When it's snowy and icy out, keep your feet firmly on the ground. 

It's totally ok for Peppermint Hot Chocolate to replace water. 

Scarlett and her (new) best friend Hope adore peppermint coffee's from Rolph's Bakery. It's their tradition that every day in December they don't go without one, that or Mrs Rolph's peppermint hot chocolate. Try our Peppermint Hot Chocolate recipe and you'll be craving one every day too. 

Gingerbread cookies are most definitely a sensible breakfast item.

Every year Scarlett gets super excited to let her creative juices flow and come up with an idea for The Village Gazette's Christmas fair stall. In the past she has made Christmas cards and wreaths with the Villages residents but this year she's all about gingerbread. She comes up with the idea to make a Gingerbread house that everyone can help design and she can't wait to see what it will look like. Check out this simple and easy gingerbread recipe.  When your house smells like gingerbread, it will wrap you in a warm, happy, festive hug. 

Throws and blankets covered in Santa, reindeer and or snowflake prints are a necessity. 

As far as Scarlett is concerned you can never have too many blankets on your couch at any time of the year, even in Summer. But Christmas prints and fleecy fabric make the festive season that much cosier. Furthermore, you need to have blankets around for when you have those spur of the moment ideas to make forts because forts are not just for children, adults need to indulge sometimes too. 

I hope you enjoyed Scarlett's guide to Christmas. What are some of your must haves for the holiday season?

Be sure to check out Scarlett's story and visit Springhollow in 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' today! 


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