Christmas reading: The Christmasaurus.

It's been a lovely week at work this week as all the Christmas decorations have gone up and we have been having tons of fun kicking off Christmas activities with the kids at lunch time and counting down to Christmas with them with our class advent calendars. 

On Wednesday I made paper chains with my class and we had an absolute blast. The kids were working so well together and it was such a wonderful activity to make something that had to be joined together with all our efforts. It felt very metaphorical for this year and how treating each other with kindness and respect and offering that extra helping hand can go a long way. 

Then for our class book at the end of the day, I picked up 'The Christmasaurus' by Tom Fletcher  as I have heard so many awesome things about it and really wanted to read it. I love Tom Fletcher and think he is so insanely talented and so I couldn't wait to dive in.

We are currently two chapters in and the kids and I are loving it. They get so enthralled and sit quietly, smiling and giggling along with all the funny bits and sighing at the sad parts, it's been truly magical. I honestly can't wait for the end of each day so I can read it to them. It's been the highlight of my week and has been just another reminder of why books are so incredibly special. 

Do you have any children's chapter books you can recommend or that you are currently reading, for yourself or with your kids? Kelly is in Year two and I'm in Year five and we'd love to know what to add to our TBR piles or class libraries. 

Happy reading! 

All my love

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