Book Review: 'Winter at Wishington Bay' By Maxine Morrey.

I was a huge fan of 'Coming Home to Wishington Bay,' so I was incredibly excited to head back to the cosy village to check in on Gabe and Holly and to meet Sophia in 'Winter at Wishington Bay.' 


Eighteen months ago, Sophia Jones finally walked out on her unhappy life.

With a tricky divorce ongoing, money is tight and so when friends offer her a housekeeping job while they’re away travelling, she accepts.

Nate McKinley is hesitant when his brother, Gabe, offers him the use of their home in the picturesque village of Wishington Bay. But he has a book to a write and an imploded marriage to recover from, so maybe a change of scene is exactly what he needs.

As Wishington Bay works its magic, friendship blossoms between Sophia and Nate. For Nate, finally feeling able to be himself with someone who is honest and down to earth is a revelation.

But Sophia has a secret and a jealous colleague is determined to blow her cover. Can she really keep her old life in the past or is it destined to destroy this new, happy one too?

Take a trip back to Wishington Bay this winter and find out…

My Review

If you're looking for all things Christmas and cosy and festive and romantic then this book is most definitely for you. It is so full of warmth and love that it made me smile. It's a simply gorgeous romance that's all about finding yourself again and finding that person that loves that true self and allows you to be it. 

Visiting the town of Wishington Bay again did not disappoint, in fact the only thing that made me feel disappointed was the fact that I wanted to jump into the book and go and visit myself, and alas, I could not. I really wanted to be at the wreath making workshop with Carrie and Eloise and Sophia as it sounded like so much fun. I wanted to eat at Ned and Carrie's restaurant and sit and watch the waves. I wanted to hang out at Flora's gift shop, chat, drink tea and look at all the pretty trinkets she sold and I very much wanted to experience the Christmas light switch on. The whole vibe of the town just wraps you up in a warm hug. 

I found Sophia so lovely and charming and was so happy to see her finding her way and becoming her own person. I was interested to learn about her past and what had caused her to run away and with every mention of her ex-husband and that old life, I was so proud of her for starting over and taking a chance on living life the way she wanted to. It took a lot of courage but the life she had created for herself made me smile. Her flat sounded extremely cosy and I loved the idea of her little Instagram feed with random pictures of Wishington Bay and cleaning tips. I liked that she was humble and down to earth and that she had created her happy. It was also fun to see her feisty side and how she could handle herself and be sarcastic when she needed to be. Having had to bite her tongue her whole life, I could understand her need to say how she felt and be honest. She wasn't mean about it but she stood up for herself when she needed to, for instance when large Australian men are rude.

I really loved Gabe in 'Coming Home to Wishington Bay' so it was so much fun to meet his brother. Where Gabe was more outgoing and chill, Nate is far more serious and moody, or so it seems at first. He's not been feeling like himself. He's stressed over work and dealing with divorce proceedings from a rather horrible wife. There's a lot going on in his life and he doesn't know how to relax or be himself anymore. 

Sophia and Nate's banter was a lot of fun. I loved seeing their comfortable, easy friendship blossom. I enjoyed being a part of their walks and chatting over cups of tea as they got to know each other and how they began more and more to let go of their pasts and build their futures with each others help. It was a really lovely relationship to witness unfold. 

There were so many gorgeous relationships in this book, one of my favourites being Carrie and Ned. It was wonderful to revisit them again as the two of them just make me smile. I love that they have the restaurant together and how they are such a good team and so family orientated. Furthermore, getting to see where Holly and Gabe were up to was rather heart-warming too. 

'Winter as Wishington Bay' is such a delightful read and one you definitely want to add to your TBR pile this festive season. It's a beautiful romance to warm your heart and I highly recommend you pick up a copy today! 

Happy reading.


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