Book Review: Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge by Rachel Dove.

So, this is the first book I've read of Rachel Dove's and it definitely won't be the last! My TBR pile is as long as my arm, but I've not actually got a lot of festive reads on it, if you can believe it! When I saw this book on Netgalley I knew I had to read it and am so happy that I did! 

The Blurb.

Escape to Fir Tree Lodge, where new beginnings come with a fresh blanket of snow…

Rebecca Atkins has everything she could hope for – the perfect fiancé, fabulous friends and a career as a professional skier. But when an accident on the slopes brings her crashing down in the snow with a catastrophic thud, everything changes. Her career is over, and her fiancé turns out to be, well, not so perfect.

With the chance to start afresh, Rebecca does what anyone else in her position would do… She turns to baking and manages the Alpine Bites café, nestled in the French Alps.

But when handsome stranger Luke Sommersby becomes Rebecca’s unexpected lodger, her plan to completely forget about love is thrown into jeopardy. Guarding her heart since the accident, Fir Tree Lodge is strictly a man-free-zone.

Luke is kind, caring and gorgeous, but the emotional scars from her fall still run deep, and she fights to keep the sparks catching her heart at bay.

Will Rebecca be able to find a second chance in the snow and step into a bright new future with Luke by her side?

My Review.

First off, the cover is absolutely gorgeous - my ideal setting! It reminds me of visiting Lapland when we were kids and looks like my dream holiday! I adore log cabins and twinkly lights in the snow - ADORE them!! So, again here's me judging a book by it's cover, but how can you not with this one?! Did you see it?? Thankfully the inside is just as wonderful as the outside!

'Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge,' made me smile big time, not least because a few weeks ago a story popped into my head with a very similar plot - I don't write adult romance, but if I did this means me and Rachel are on the same page!! It made me laugh, like honestly, before I'd read this blurb or anything, my idea was scarily similar, stemming from me wanting to write a story about being stuck in a log cabin with Taron Egerton over Christmas!!!! :p To make it even more spooky, Rachel has a Kingsman reference in this book!!! Crazy right?! 

Okay, I'll get back on track now, but the references were a big part of this book that I really enjoyed. The whole vibe of it felt very much like the way my sister Lucy writes and this is the first book I've ever compared to hers, which is a really good thing, because Lucy writes the books I want to see on the shelves, I just love her writing style! Rachel gave me those same feelings with the way she wrote and described her characters and the way in which her story played out. Their books have this way of feeling pure, heartfelt and like the author is pouring little bits of themselves into it.

The setting was stunning! Like I said before, it's my dream holiday and Rachel described it so beautifully. I could picture the café where Rebecca worked, I could imagine the slopes, the glistening snow and the style of the cabins - eek it makes me so happy just thinking about it!! I would visit in a heartbeat! Not to mention the delicious food that was described every time Rachel baked. I most definitely want to pull up a stool at the counter to wrap my hands around a coffee, munch on a croissant and stare at the snowy mountains - bliss!!!

The characters I connected to straight away. I felt for Rebecca and what she'd been through, but was glad to see that she still had her old self lurking inside her. She was very down when I first met her, which made me sad, but then slowly as she found herself, thanks to Luke, I was like yay! I wanted to see her happy and enjoying life again. As for Luke, well he was wonderful. Everything about him made me smile from his awkwardness, to his clumsiness to his ability to be charming without realising! He was every bit Clark Kent and I loved him for it. The journey he was on was also heart-warming to read and I think Rachel connected him and Rebecca together so well. I don't want to give the whole story away, but it was a genuinely warm and lovely one! 

The best friend characters also made for quick page turning action and plenty of laugh out loud moments. Holly was a delight and knew Rebecca so well and Han's was perfect as a giant of a man who managed to get away with his sneaky set ups and mischievousness. I loved them both and would definitely read a book about the two of them and their story! 

In conclusion, I feel that this review has exceeded my exclamation mark limit, but I hope that just shows how much I enjoyed 'Meet Me at Fir Tree Lodge.' Every aspect warmed my heart and made me giggle. It's a beautiful story, with a great cast of characters in an idyllic setting. I highly, highly recommend it if you need to stock up your festive read lists! 

Happy Reading!


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