Book Review: The Maiden and The Mercenary by Nicole Locke.

Ooh this book from Nicole Locke weaves a web of games and will keep you guessing for sure. I was sat on the edge of my seat trying to keep up with The Warstones and what was going on. If you want intrigue and mind games then 'The Maid and The Mercenary' is the book for you!

The Blurb.

Keep your friends close…

But your enemies closer?

In order to find a legendary treasure map, mercenary Louve of Mei Solis must infiltrate his enemy’s fortress under the guise of a servant. There, Louve meets beautiful maiden Biedeluue, a fellow servant with her own hidden agenda…to save her sister from the malevolent Lord’s clutches! Their high-stakes missions may be at odds with one other, but their attraction cannot be denied even in this most dangerous of situations…

My Review.

I remember The Warstones from the last book I read from Nicole Locke, but my brain was trying to catch up with the characters as I read. It was like little videos flickering in my head trying to recap me on what I already knew about Louve and The Warstone brothers. This happened a lot throughout the book as I tried to keep up with the games they were playing. It was incredibly interesting all the plotting and who was behind what or trying to kill who. I definitely had to pay attention! 

Biedeluue added an altogether different vibe to the story and wasn't very helpful in regard to Louve keeping to his mission, but I won't spoil it! She was a force to be reckoned with and surprised me quite a lot with her ability to hold her own and go against the grain, especially when it came to ale drinking! The first chapter wasn't one I'd expect to read about a leading lady, but that made me like her even more, especially when she was doing what she was doing to protect and help her sister. She was a very determined young woman.

I didn't know what to make of The Warstones and I found it hard to know who to trust. I was impressed that Louve knew what to say and how to say it, because I couldn't tell you who I believed and who I didn't! They all had a very sad childhood which was heart-breaking to read. It's safe to say that I didn't like their parents very much for putting their sons through what they did and for making them play such a horrible game with each other. I liked how Louve being caught up in their games understood them though. He seemed to appreciate what they had been through and were going through so he gave them the benefit of the doubt and his friendship. He was a good man.

If you're looking for a new read full of family love and family squabbles that will keep your mind whirling and on edge, the 'The Maid and The Mercenary' is for you!

Happy Reading!

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