Words. Antibullying Week.

We use them to ask for instructions, to make demands, to converse, to create songs, to tell stories, to write movies, to tell people how we feel... WORDS hold a lot of power. This week is Anti-bullying week and we wanted to talk more about our words and how powerful they truly are. 

We all know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a compliment. How good it makes us feel. How our faces light up with a smile at the thought of someone taking a moment to tell us something positive about us. 

Equally, we all know how it feels to be on the receiving end of a hurtful comment. How bad it makes us feel. How that one sentence or even one word can make us feel miserable and ruin our day. 

In knowing how those two things make us feel, which one do we use the most? Do we choose daily to speak with love and kindness, to lift others up, share a compliment or message of support and encouragement? Or do we get caught up in being quick to judge, to critique, to spread unkindness without thinking about the consequences? 

We've said it a million times before and yet we'll say it again. We are people who LOVE to share what we love over bashing what we may hate   - let's use dislike (our Mum did always say hate is a strong word) any day of the week. We will shout from the rooftops about our favourite songs, shows, foods, books and whatever else that brings us joy, because quite simply we don't care for, nor have the time to concentrate on, the things that don't make us do our happy dance. 

We have opinions, sure, doesn't everyone? But we don't feel the need to share them all the time, especially if we know there are people out there who have different ones from us. Take books for example, everyone reads a different book, we've read plenty that we've adored and yet we have read negative reviews for them and vice versa. If we've read books that haven't totally won us over, we'll always find a positive, something that we did like, why? Because a) Yay for that author living their dreams and getting published. b) We know so much blood, sweat and tears have gone into writing it. c) We don't wish to discourage someone else from picking up a book that could potentially be their next great read. Could you imagine discouraging someone from reading a book and it turns out those characters were people they needed in their life? That that story was one they needed to hear and connect with? 


We are all different and that's okay. We don't have to think the same, like the same, do the same things. BUT, if we could all choose to think carefully before we speak and choose our words with love in our hearts, we think the world would be a much better place. 

We want to live in a world where disagreements don't mean shouting matches, where differing opinions lead to educated discussions, where different interests lead to openness, where varying lifestyles don't require judgement and the thing is we are the ones that NEED to CREATE THAT WORLD.  

Therefore it's incredibly important when we're around our children. We need to be careful about how we speak about them, around them and to them. Kids pick up SO much. We spend 6 hours a day, 5 days a week with kids!!! We see them, we hear them!! We need to rid the world of flippant comments about this or that, of negative opinions written or said in 'jokey' ways, of stating opinions like they are facts. Again, we must think before we speak or type about everything from the actor on TV, the book we just read, our neighbours garden, a co-workers lunch, a kids shoes, a person's dress sense, a new biscuit, the list is endless really. 

We pledge to always speak with kindness, to promote love and to never tolerate bullies. We won't stand for hateful, hurtful comments online, at school or in our day to day lives. 

Our Mother always taught us to 'Think before we speak,' and 'If we've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.' We stand by this and in general just think it's so important to take a moment to think about what you're going to say or write online and how it's going to affect the person it's aimed at. If it's going to do more harm than good, is it really necessary?

Please visit our friends over at Kidscape for more advice, training, information and programmes on Anti-Bullying. They have so many resources and have once again teamed up with the wonderful people at Elmer the patchwork elephant for Friendship Friday coming up on 20th November. 

We hope you are all having a great week and are spreading that love and kindness!

Nothing but love from us, 

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