Why we LOVE 'Julie and the Phantoms.'

It's been quite some time since we've liked a TV show, and by like we mean LOVE, as much as we love Chuck. Sure we've watched many a movie and show over the years that we've enjoyed but nothing has ever come close to Chuck. Not least on the level of owning box sets, t-shirts, posters and wanting quotes and symbols on everything we own. That was until back in October when we watched Julie and the Phantoms. (We're not counting Queer Eye as that's more reality TV, but we cannot wait for season six.)

Yes, you read that right, we're putting Julie and the Phantoms in our Chuck category which is totally a big deal we know, but it's that good! 

If you don't know what we're talking about, here's the scoop. In 1995 a band called Sunset Curve were about to play a huge gig when three of the four band members ate some bad hotdogs before the show and died. Twenty-five years later, a teenager called Julie finds their C-D when cleaning out her Mum's old studio. It's been a year since her Mum passed away and she's struggling to sing and enjoy music. However, upon finding the Sunset Curve C-D, she decides to give it a listen and poof, Luke, Alex and Reggie appear before her. Only Julie can see and talk to the boys but everyone can hear them. (Trying not to give too many spoilers.) They reignite Julie's spark and it's goodbye Sunset Curve, hello Julie and the Phantoms. 

And here's why you need to watch it...

First things first, (we couldn't help that one) upon first watching the show we were blown away by how positive and uplifting it was. It covers some heavy topics, such as loss, but it does so in such a beautiful, sensitive and inspiring way. The idea of Julie's Mum leaving her signs to encourage her to keep going and not give up on music is just incredibly touching and heart warming. We're forever talking to our Grandparents and every day we are reminded of their words of wisdom and we cook to keep their memory alive. Julie singing to connect with her Mum and keep her memory alive is truly special. As the show was designed for a generation younger than ourselves, we think it's such a powerful and magical thing to teach them how they can still feel loved by, and close to people they may have lost. As for our generation, it reminds us that grief is understandable at any age and that it's ok to still need people to help us through it. 

Sticking with positivity for a minute, the love and encouragement each character gives each other is a breath of fresh air. From the support Luke, Alex and Reggie give one another over family matters, crushes and coping with death, to how Flynn always has Julie's back, to how insanely passionate Luke is about Julie being a star, the relationships are simply gorgeous to watch. Furthermore, seeing so much emotion on screen is wonderful in every way. Allowing tears in both boys and girls in scenes like 'Unsaid Emily', celebrating joy in songs like 'I got the music', seeing Julie, her brother and her Dad doing a conga line and singing together, and allowing love to just be love with Alex and Willie, it is all perfection. 

Speaking of songs, we can't express how perfect every song in the show is. They are truly anthems that build you up and inspire you. We feel the lyrics are not only amazing for younger kids but they are so motivating for adults alike. You can't listen to them without smiling or wanting to dance, well besides 'Unsaid Emily.' That song will encourage a good cry, but hey crying is good. We hope too, that this song might help people say 'I love you' that little bit more and maybe help damaged relationships heal; if it inspires people to communicate and reach out to each other if they are able to. Also, try not to get on your feet when Cheyenne Jackson sings 'The Other Side of Hollywood," it's impossible. 

Moreover, you can't help but be in awe by the incredible talent of the cast. The vocals are out of this world and watching them play their instruments will have you reaching for your old guitar that you gave up playing after primary school. We LOVE that it's a show that will make people want to dance or learn an instrument or sing from the rooftops or all three. We have loved learning the dances ourselves and have adored watching mother's and daughters jamming out together and seeing younger kids and teens dancing and playing like they are a member of Julie and the Phantoms. 

Okay...(yes, we too can't say 'okay' now without thinking of Alex) let's talk more about the cast!!!! Madison Reyes!!!! We don't have the words to communicate just how freaking awesome we think Madison is. She is phenomenal in the show. Every line, every facial expression, every song is just on point with her. She's incredible, but we also absolutely ADORE the Madison we get to see on social media. We love that she bakes. We love that she likes to craft. We love that she loves anime and dressing up like her favourite characters. It just feels nice to see a sixteen year old that reminds us of our sixteen year old selves, though Madi is a hell of a lot cooler than we were, it makes us smile. Also, from two people whose Dad came to every wrestling show with them, it's awesome that her Dad was always on set with her. 

Then there's Jadah Marie. Seriously, Jadah kicks so much butt as Flynn; Julie's best friend. Flynn's unwavering support of Julie is beautiful and Jadah plays the character with so much love, warmth and fierceness that she is one of our favourites. Also, Jadah's humour is brilliant. We loved the scene at Carrie's house where she trips up before they knock on the door and also when she spills her water, it cracks us up every time. Her and Madi work so well together and are a dynamite duo. A big YES for these leading ladies. 

Let's talk Sunset Curve. Had they actually been around in the 90's, you can guarantee we would have had posters all over our bedroom walls. Where do we begin? One of the many lines we love in this show is "We were gonna be Legends." Every time we hear it it makes us smile. We adore how much the boys believe in themselves and their band and we love how every one around them says it too. The passion they all have for music made our hearts truly happy and their drive is incredibly inspirational. 

Straight off the bat we adored Sunset Curve's lead vocalist and guitarist, Luke. Luke's enthusiasm is everything and you can't help but smile at the actor who plays him, Charlie Gillespie, and how it seems this enthusiasm is very much him. We have loved watching him talk in interviews as he has such a beautiful and happy way about him that's incredibly endearing. As for the character of Luke, you couldn't get any more swoon worthy and we don't mean that just because he's cute. The way he loves Alex and Reggie to the way he encourages Julie, to his never faltering energy, he just oozes good vibes and love.  Also, can we just talk about Charlie's birthday song? He has a song he sings for fans and it's the most beautiful song. We love people that spread nothing but kindness and joy and Charlie does that in spades. 

Next up is drummer Alex, played by Owen Patrick Joyner! Okay, so we're not trying to pick favourites here, but this guy!! We LOVE Alex. From his humour, to every "okay," to his anxiety and need to ask questions, to his outfits to Williex, what more can we say? When he asks Willie if he can ask him some more questions about death and the after life and Willie says "that's kind of your thing, isn't it?" We felt that and oh our hearts. His vulnerability and overthinking ways connected with us and we love how kick ass he is on the drums. If we start talking about Owen we might be here for a while and this post is already getting quite long, so we'll just say that he always makes us smile. As for Willie, BooBoo Stewart is just next level and Willie and his giggling, free spirited ways captured our hearts. 

Then you have bassist Reggie. My goodness Reggie. We fall more and more in love with Reggie every time we watch the show. Jeremy Shada is incredible and again from interviews you can see why Jeremy was perfect to play Reggie. He is such a beautiful, sweet and lovable character and his innocence and pure heart wraps us in a warm hug in every episode. Honestly, there are moments in the show where we don't know whether to smile or cry because his lovableness and sometimes ditzy moments are just too cute and precious. The world needs more Reggies. One of our favourite Reggie moments is when Julie tells him and Luke that they shouldn't be playing alone and he says "we're never alone, we always have each other." 

We did a thing for Halloween this year!!! 

Okay, so I've (Lucy) already been writing this blog for twenty five years yet I still feel like there's a million more things I could say, ooh one being that we loved the respect Julie had for her Dad. Yes, we know she snuck out at one point, but when she's getting told off she listens to him and understands what she's done wrong. Furthermore, when he sets up a gig for her the way she says "you'd do that for me?" is just so incredibly heart-warming and it is wonderful to watch. We like that element of teaching kids to be grateful for what their parents do. It is really sweet. I feel like another post will be needed to talk about the fashion, Dirty Candy, Carlos, Julie's Dad, the dance routines, Kenny Ortega, there is just so much to love about this show. 

So, take it from two people who have watched the entire show nine times over in a matter of a month and a half, if you are in need of some joy, a smile, and a whole load of love and happiness go and check out Julie and the Phantoms on Netflix now, but be warned...

...it might ruin every other show for you! 

We'd love to hear your thoughts if you've seen it. Who's your favourite character? Do you have a favourite episode?

See you around...


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