Proud Sister Moment.

Back in May, I wrote a sister appreciation post all about Lucy's first three books and how proud I am of her. As I sit admiring the twinkly lights on my Christmas tree and stare at the tinsel decorated frames on my wall with all her book covers, my feelings are still very much the same. This Christmas her fourth book 'One Snowy Week In Springhollow,' is out and in the past few months of staring at the gorgeous cover daily, I don't think I will ever tire of the fact that she is an author with not one, but currently FOUR books out and two more coming soon!

The one thing I love about Lucy's books is that they are all different and all have some real life inspiration behind them that make them so heart-warming and easy to connect to. For me, she writes the books that I wished I could see on the shelves. I adore that she puts the things we are passionate about into her stories and the fact that I now have them in paperback on my bookshelf just makes it that much more special. 

Her first two books, 'How To Bake A New Beginning' and 'The Ingredients For Happiness' are set between Manchester and Italy and are about three sisters - need I say more? Those first few months, weeks and days of 'How To Bake' being published were a flurry of joy and excitement at a time when we needed it and I still get butterflies thinking about it. All the hard work she had put into her writing had paid off and I couldn't have been more proud! 

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Now her third book 'Wishes Under A Starlit Sky' will always be one of my favourites for many different reasons, but I'll stick with two for now! The first being that it's fabulously festive, set in wonderful Colorado, a place which me, Lucy and our sister Jen really wish to visit. The second being that I'm in awe of Lucy's writing skills and how she can write down her feelings and emotions so well turning them into a beautiful story of self-love and self-discovery. This book was very therapeutic for her, she explained a bit about where the inspiration came from in a blog post. In addition to reason two and in keeping with Lucy's theme of writing from the heart and writing books that need to be written with her own spin on things. 'Wishes' isn't your 'Girl goes through heartbreak, finds a new guy a week later' storyline (not that there's anything wrong with that) but this is drawn from real life and real pain, it's all about Harper's journey and how she has to love herself first and foremost! I'm rambling, but it's a must read!!

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Here we are this Christmas and like I mentioned above, her fourth book 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' is out! This book, I sometimes can't put into words, even though I did manage to write a lengthy review already - I try my best! ;) It's only because every time I think that I've said everything I could possibly say about it, I think of more things and then I just get a really happy, excited feeling in my stomach that just seems impossible to describe fully. I guess you will just have to read it to see what I mean! Honestly, this story is everything I could possibly want/need and then some. I know I've said this a billion times in the last few weeks, but this is the first book of Lucy's that I read twice during it's editing stages and even when I had my critiques and tweaks, I loved it so much. Now that it's here and I see the changes and know the love and passion that went into it, well I'm just so stinking proud! Another story with a not so typical leading lady in adult romance, another story that is 100% Lucy Knott and another story that you must add to your Christmas list! 

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Oh and if you're a lover of paperbacks like me, then be asking for I.O.U's this Christmas as the paperback is out 7th January. Trust me you'll want one! I cannot wait to hold this one in my hands and add it to my bookshelf!! :)

For all of Lucy's fabulous books, visit her author page on Amazon but also find her at Waterstones and WHSmith too! 

Happy Reading!

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