Book Review: 'Twins' By Varian Johnson and Shannon Wright.

When Kelly started doing research for Illustrators for ideas for her children's books we were blown away with the incredible community of artists online. Every day now I see sketches, drawings, comic strips and pictures on our feeds from the most amazing Illustrators and they make me smile so big. When we saw Shannon Wright's drawings for 'Twins,' and read Varian Johnson's tweets as to what it was about we immediately pre-ordered it. 


Maureen and Francine Carter are twins and best friends. They participate in the same clubs, enjoy the same foods and are partners on all their school projects.

But just before the girls start sixth grade, Francine becomes Fran - a girl who wants to join the chorus, run for class president and dress in fashionable outfits that set her apart from Maureen. A girl who seems happy to share only two classes with her sister!

Maureen and Francine are growing apart and there's nothing Maureen can do to stop it. Are sisters really forever? Or will middle school change things for good?

My Review

First things first, the colours and the illustrations are eye catching and awesome. The front cover of Maureen and Francine made me smile as it's like a little snapshot of Kelly and I whenever we fall out. Arguments never last longer than maybe ten minutes and our faces usually resemble that of Maureen and Francine as the stubbornness oozes out of us both. 

Secondly, when reading the blurb the story instantly connected and so I was super excited to dive in. I don't tend to read a lot of graphic novels so from page one this was super fun to read. 

I've actually not read many books about twin characters so it was truly refreshing to connect with the characters on a deeper level. There was one moment in the beginning of the story where Maureen is waiting for Francine to ask the teacher a question for her and Francine changes her mind and Maureen has to do it. Their facial expressions and the way it was written completely hit home. It made me laugh but also tugged at my heart strings as that is me and Kelly on every level. If we get scared or don't want to do something we always have the other one for help but when we both don't want to do something, forget about it, the looks we give each other...well, Shannon captured them perfectly with Maureen and Francine. 

There were so many moments in this book that got me quite emotional. I don't want to spoil it and give them all away but if you ever wondered what it was like to be a twin then I highly recommend giving it a read. Maureen and Francine go into this school year in different classes and while Francine uses it as a chance to be herself and create her own identity, Maureen is terrified. When the reason behind them being in different classes is revealed it got me. Boy, did it get me, I could feel the anxiety, anger and upset in my heart and while I can totally relate to how Francine feels about being a twin, I just wanted to hug Maureen and be there for her. 

I really loved this book. I think it's an awesome read and a fun way of stepping into the life of twins. I know not every set of twins will share this story but it certainly rings true for Kelly and I. There's definitely that extra struggle to figure out who you are when you are so used to doing the same things and everything together and looking like someone else. However, I think it's so brilliant and lovely in celebrating twins too. I loved reading about Maureen and Francine's special bond and the times when they have each other's back and support each other. It was cool to see them grow as individuals and find classes that they enjoyed separately, learning that it's ok to like different things and do different things while still being the best of friends. 

Get your copy of 'Twins' today! 

Happy reading.


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