Book Review: The Secret Agent by Elisabeth Hobbes.

When I received an email from Elisabeth Hobbes about reading her next book, I got very excited like I always do, because she is on my 'list of authors,' you know the one. The one where you can say yes to reading anything that particular author writes because you know you're going to love it? That list. All us bookworms have one don't we? Well, upon delving further into the email my excitement increased because this book was something different to what I'm used to from her and while I've not read much in this genre, it sounded right up my alley...

The Blurb.

My name is Sylvie Duchene and I am a dancer. There is no network. I am just a dancer. I know nothing. Please…I swear it…

An unknown location, occupied France, 1944

Dropping silently behind enemy lines, Sylvia Crichton, codename Monique, is determined to fight for the country of her birth and save it from its Nazi stranglehold.

As one of the dancers at the nightclub Mirabelle, Sylvie’s mission is to entertain the club’s German clientele and learn their secrets. In a world of deception and lies, she can trust no one. Not even Mirabelle’s enigmatic piano player Felix… a part of the resistance or a collaborator?

But despite her SOE training, nothing can prepare Sylvie for the horrors she is about to face – or the pain of losing those she grows closer to undercover…

My Review.

Immediately I loved the idea of a secret agent, spy novel. I've not read many books set at the time of WW2, even though I love historical books and learning about the past, so I was intrigued and delighted to jump into 'The Secret Agent.' From the first few chapters I felt like I was in an episode of 'Chuck,' which scored huge brownie points from me there. (If you haven't seen that show, then you MUST watch it now!! It is the best tv show ever...ever!!) I was hooked on Sylvie's lifestyle and finding out how she got to be doing what it was she was doing. 

Sylvie was a fantastic leading lady. She was everything rolled in to one. She was hard and strong, but also kind, caring and vulnerable. Each time I was left wondering about her character traits and the job she was in, a chapter followed explaining her story so far and everything made sense. Elisabeth tied all this in beautifully. It flowed from present day adventure to past experiences that made her who she was, leaving me constantly captivated and enthralled by it all. Then as each new character was introduced, I was left on edge as to who she should trust and who I believed. It made me feel right in the centre of it, like I was trying to pick up clues and work out who was undercover and who may be lying!! All very thrilling! 

To me, these stories are mesmerizing for extra reasons too. 1. I always find the authors incredible for the detail they put in and knowing so much. I love history, but I've said it before in that my brain doesn't retain a lot of the information I wish I could store. These books give me a fictional insight with truth in there too and I like locking away those certain true bits, you know in case I'm ever on The Chase! 2. My fascination also comes from the fact that I can never get over what life used to be like. We learn about the war, we read about it and can watch tv shows on it, but to actually be there, we will hopefully never know what that was like. To be in the middle of this story, in occupied France, going about the day with Sylvie, it was truly eye opening and just made me feel grateful for today. I can't begin to fathom how scary and horrible it must have been back then. 

I'm going to pass 'The Secret Agent,' on to my sister Jen, as I think she'd love this story too. I know I've rambled a bit, but at least I've not given too much a spy!!! I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and couldn't wait to pick up my kindle each night, so if you're a fan of war stories, or fancy something new, I highly recommend getting yourself a copy! Thank you Elisabeth, as always, for thinking about me. I am beyond thankful each and every time I receive an email with a new book! :) 

Happy Reading!

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