One Snowy Week: Our Comic Con experience.

We've always wanted to go to a Comic Con. It's been something that's been on the top of our 'Must Do' lists for quite some time. However, we often felt really nervous about attending, with niggles of insecurities and worries creeping into our minds that we wouldn't fit in or weren't cool enough to be at an event so awesome because everyone always looks incredible in Cosplay and there's just so much art, colour and inspiration around that it seemed mind blowing. 

When we found out that Zachary Levi was going to be at Wales Comic Con last year though, it felt like all the anxiety was washed away and replaced with butterflies full of excitement and glee and ok, still quite a few nerves, but more of the good, happy, we can do this kind. 

If you watched 'My Fairy Tale of New York Video' or read my post about the inspiration for 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' you will know that the story grew from my love of Superhero movies and a certain spy turned Superhero. When it was announced that Zachary Levi was going to be at Wales Comic Con in December of 2019, it was like Christmas had come early for me and my sisters. I had met Zac once before, seven years prior, but my sisters had not and so we were extremely excited to go on this little adventure together. 

We bought our tickets some eighty days before the event, so the countdown was well and truly on and our sister Whatsapp chat was filled with all the Chuck Bartowski gifs available as each morning we counted down the days. Our Nanna wasn't well for a lot of last year but every morning we would make her smile before we went to work by telling her how many days were left on our countdown. She knew of Zac as we had shown her pictures and videos and talked about him to her lots over the years. I can see her face now in my mind smiling and grinning at us as we giddily skipped into her room each morning loudly announcing that it wasn't too long to go. 

As the days wound down we knew we wanted to wear something fun for the occasion and so had a blast coming up with t-shirt designs. I ultimately settled on a Chuck Bartowski Christmas quote as it was the holiday season, Kelly chose a Tangled quote that would sum up the day and Jen made an awesome mashup of Chuck and Shazam. Maybe one day we will do Cosplay, has anyone done Cosplay before?

When the day arrived we were a complete bundle of nerves. The place was absolutely packed, the line went all the way through the town center and through the cute Christmas markets and everyone was wearing the coolest outfits. We loved looking at people's costumes, they were insanely creative. The Captain America ones were some of our favourites and of course spotting people wearing Chuck t-shirts was like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, they were our kind of people. Inside it was a hustle and a bustle of energy and excitement. It was hard to know where to look because again some of the Cosplay were just amazing. We walked around the stalls and picked up a copy of the script for the pilot episode of Chuck and looked over comic books and artists prints, before wandering to the back of the hall where many actors and actresses stood at their booths, including the man we had come to see. 

We got to wander around more stalls and take in the art and spy many wonderful actors that we knew from various TV Shows. Chad Michael Murray was there. Brandon Routh wasn't far from Zac, he looked sweet but you know us Chuck fans have a bit of a complex, he played Shaw so good that we had to hold back on the evil glares. We saw Michael Rosembaum too, all before it was time to move to a different hall to get in the line to meet Zac for the photo ops. We made a friend in Phoebe and chatted all things Tangled and told her how amazing Chuck was and that she needed to watch it pronto. We admired more outfits and sang a long to music that Zac was playing on his little speaker until it was our turn to say hi. 

First things first, Zac is larger than life. Truly. He's massive and beautiful but in no way intimidating. He has this sweet aura about him that makes you feel comfortable. He is so welcoming and loving, it's incredibly inspirational. I got to say hi and take my picture and introduce him to Kelly and Jen, it was lovely. Then a little while later we got to chat to him again when he was back at his booth. Again, Zac was the sweetest thing, listened to our rambles and was just an absolute beautiful person to talk to. We were all feeling extremely grateful for our little moments of joy to speak with him. 

You couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces; our hearts were full. We raced to the train station, ready to get home and share our pictures and the days events with Nanna and Mum. On the walk back to Nanna's, we picked up a pizza and enjoyed the cool winter breeze on our faces before bursting through Nanna's front door. The Italian quiz was on which was a happy, joyous sign that Nanna was downstairs. After greeting both Nanna and Mum with hugs we all sat around the dining room table together as we then regaled our first Comic Con Experience. Nanna smiled so big looking at our photos, she was beaming with how happy we were. It was such a special and magical moment for us and one we will always treasure. 

You can pre-order 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' now for Scarlett's Comic Con experience. I will say hers had me laughing so much, I loved writing it! :) 

Have you been to Comic Con before? Have you met a hero of yours before? We'd love to know in the comments below. 

All our love

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