One Snowy Week: Let's Bake.

With only a month to go now until publication day I'm thoroughly enjoying counting it down by sharing little insights into what made 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' what it is. With it being set around the holidays you know there are going to be lots of festive bakes weaved throughout the book and so today I'm sharing one of Scarlett's favourite things to make...


Scarlett is super busy in the lead up to Springhollow's Christmas fair. It's her job to come up with a fun and creative stall that gets the Villagers to take a look at The Village Gazette and ensure they have a good time meandering around their booth. What could be better than getting messy and creative with sprinkles, icing and all sorts of sweets a top a delicious flavourful Christmas favourite? 

This past weekend we had so much fun cutting out shapes and making some of our own templates. We cut out hearts, angels and Santa hats then couldn't resist inserting a touch of Superhero fun in honour of Scarlett and Devon's love of Comic Books. 

We tweaked the recipe from one of my 'go to' books called 'Baking with Tiny Tots.' I have had this book since I was a Nursery Nurse when I was 18 and it's still one of my favourites for simple and easy recipes. The recipes always turn out great and there is always room to make them your own. (I'll link the book if you fancy checking it out) but this is what we did using the Butterfly recipe:

Ingredients: (What we used.)

2 1/4 Cups of Plain Flour

1tsp Cinnamon

2 tsp Ginger

1/2 Cup soft light brown sugar

6 tbsp butter

1 Egg

2 tbsp Golden Syrup

What we did:

In a mixing bowl, mix together the dry ingredients. 

Add the cool butter in pieces and use your finger tips to combine butter into the mixture, like you're making a crumble. 

Add the egg and golden syrup and mix, then knead together until you can form a nice dough. 

Chill dough in the fridge for 1 hour. 

Remove, flour a clean surface, roll out and cut into shapes before placing in the oven at 180 for 10-12 mins. 

And there you go. This recipe is super fun to make and you can decorate with anything you like. We kept most of our biscuits plain as we're not huge fans of icing but we also enjoyed getting creative with our Shazam ones. 

What's your favourite biscuit to bake? Do you find that you like baking during specific seasons best? We love this time of year for getting in the kitchen. :)

Don't forget you can pre-order 'One Snowy Week in Springhollow' today! 


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